Biden Hid the Fact That the FBI Searched His UPenn Office in November

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The White House has reportedly failed to disclose the FBI searched the Penn Biden Center think tank offices in November 2022 after President Joe Biden’s personal attorneys discovered documents marked as classified from his time as vice president earlier that month.

A warrant was not sought, and it is unclear whether the FBI found any additional classified documents during the search, sources familiar with the investigation told CBS and Fox News.

Biden’s team cooperated with the FBI’s inspection in November, but the event was not made public.

A timeline of events show the documents were discovered Nov. 2, 2022, and were then given to the National Archives, which on Nov. 4 informed the Justice Department.

An FBI sweep of Biden’s Delaware home earlier this month revealed six new classified documents, Biden’s personal attorney Bob Bauer said.

Multiple batches of documents marked as classified have been found in Biden’s home and the think tank office, in Washington, D.C.

White House coverup:

Biden and his team simply will not come clean with the American people about the numerous stolen classified documents found in his possession. Biden, his personal and White House lawyers, in cahoots with the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, have kept secret the details the searches at his private Penn Biden Center office and Delaware homes. It was two months after the first search was done that Biden owned up to it but only after the news was leaked to CBS News. Biden’s White House and private lawyers have since issued incomplete statements and timelines that have failed to disclose the full nature of the searches.

Attorney General Merrick Garland kept the Biden investigation secret for two months, even though he appointed a special counsel to investigate President Trump in mid-November over a classified documents dispute with the National Archives. Garland only appointed a special counsel for Biden after his cover-up of the investigation was exposed.

CBS News reported the latest blow to the Biden cover-up on Tuesday with a report that the FBI searched Biden’s private office at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C. in mid-November. This search has never been revealed by Biden or his private and White House lawyers.

The DOJ collaborated with Biden to hide the entire classified document scandal.

Unless Congress takes action to impeach Garland and Wray, or a president with a backbone gets in office to clean house and appoint DOJ and FBI directors who will be held accountable, nothing will change.

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