Biden Makes Another (Unintentional) Funny

Biden lacks the “oops” filter between the brain and the mouth.

Last night Vice President Biden sat down for an interview with Larry King – his 49th appearance on the CNN host’s program.

The always-loquacious vice president had a colorful message for the Afghans regarding the timeline for transferring security by 2014, a plan that will be outlined here at the NATO summit in Lisbon.

“Daddy is going to start to take the training wheels off in October — I mean in next July, so you’d better practice riding,” he said.

Just days before Obama’s meeting with Hamid Karzai, Biden did not convey confidence in the Afghan leader.

Hey ya know what, Joe? It’s hard to convey confidence in “daddy” when he wears a “special needs” helmet to ride his own bike:

Biden’s the second smartest guy in the room.

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