Biden Says 2020 Antifa/BLM Riots That Caused Billions of Dollars in Damage ‘Historic Movement for Justice’

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During a Monday campaign speech in South Carolina, Joe Biden said that the summer of 2020, which saw riots across the nation in the wake of the death of George Floyd, was a “historic movement for justice.”

“After the historic movement for justice in the summer of 2020, I signed the most significant police reform executive order in history,” he told the crowd.

Biden signed the executive order in May of 2022, two years after the death of George Floyd sparked riots across the US that resulted in billions of dollars in destruction, that created a national database of police misconduct, bans the use of chokeholds unless deadly force is authorized, requires de-escalation policies, restricts the transfer of military equipment, and more.

……Meanwhile, American cities have been ordered to give more than $68 million to rioters who are said to have suffered injury or infringements on their rights.

Floyd was a career criminal thug.

Riots and murders in his name have destroyed entire communities and livelihoods. There were a total (so far) of 570 riots in over 200 locations around the country. The damage to homes and businesses is just part of it.

It was never about Floyd. It’s about animals with a tendency for violence and the leftwing radicals who join in and fund this shit. All they need is an excuse.

Biden’s memory, like all Dems, is very selective when it comes to riots:



Dems facilitated and supported 18 months of Antifa and BLM rampages across the country committing arson, murder, assault, and vandalism of property, including the attack on the White House in June of 2020.  They even set fire to the FBI’s main territory in DC.

More than 60 Secret service agents were injured during the BLM riots outside the White House.  After Trump’s 2017 inauguration, lefties rioted though D.C. injuring cops and causing causing tens of thousands of dollars in property damage. The Feds dropped all charges against the thugs.

The Dems bailed out arrested rioters. They foster and encourage that shit.  They cheer mob violence on their behalf and justify it by saying it’s ‘essential’ for change. The Feds refuse to prosecute.

They even set fire to the FBI’s main territory in DC.  None of them were tracked down and hauled off to Biden’s Gulag.

And Biden calls it ‘historic movement for justice’.



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