Biden ‘Suffered Two Brain Aneurysms And A Heart Condition Which Causes Dizziness And Confusion’

Time to un-ass this addlebrained moron from the WH.

Via the Daily Mail

Joe Biden crumbled when confronted by reporters with the deaths of 13 troops and 90 people who were slaughtered at Kabul airport on Thursday by two ISIS bomb attacks in the latest tragic episode of his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The 78-year-old President was lost for words at times and and frustrated in others, gripping his notebook and widening his eyes while reporters from a pre-approved list asked him questions for about 30 minutes.

The press conference was at 5pm, nearly eight hours after the two blasts. Biden said nothing all day before the briefing.

Last week, a top cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra, consultant and expert in evidence-based medicine, expressed concerns about Biden’s age and mental and physical well being.

Biden – at 78 – is the oldest president and has previously suffered two brain aneurysms and a heart condition which makes the muscle beat too fast, causing dizziness and confusion.  

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In July, former White House doctor Ronny Jackson, now a freshman GOP congressman from Texas, said Biden should be made to take the same cognitive test he administered to then-President Trump.

“I think he’s demonstrating every single day that there is something going on,” he told Fox News.

“You don’t need to be a physician to look at this behavior and see there’s something concerning happening,” he said. “He’s just not aging gracefully at this point.”

“You can go back – there’s forty years of tape of this man – he’s always made gaffes and stuff but these are different, he’s confused, he’s disoriented,” he said.


Biden’s mental capacity is demonstrably failing.  He’s got dementia. His staff knows it.  His media tools know it.  It’s gotten to the point where they have to cut him off and guide him to the latrine to change his diaper.  The Biden White House has turned into a nursing home. He’s basically signing any executive order that they put in front of him.  One of Biden’s former staffers recently said that he’s losing his cognitive abilities.

Signs of Biden’s mental decline have been apparent for a while. If he actually makes it through his term, it will be with meds and aides who have to babysit 24/7 and try to deflect attention away from his bizarre behavior.  This numbnuts has access to the nuclear codes.

In all likelihood, he’ll either keel over from a heart attack or stroke, or he’ll become so mentally incapacitated that the embarrassment will be too much even for the Dems.  Unfortunately, Kammy Harris is next in line.

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