Biden Wants to Reward Iran’s Despots by Re-Starting Nuke Deal

NY Post

Biden has officially offered to restart nuclear talks with Iran, holding out yet another olive branch to Tehran despite the evil regime’s continued, deadly behavior.

Team Biden told European officials Thursday it would join them in talks to restore the 2015 deal. President Donald Trump withdrew from the accord in 2018, noting it only slowed but didn’t stop the terror-sponsoring state from becoming a nuclear power. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Thursday the Obama-era deal “was a key achievement of multilateral diplomacy” — though its sunset provisions made the deal, which gave Tehran immediate access to cash, laughable.

Iran will reportedly accept the offer, but just to sweeten the pot, the Bidenites withdrew Team Trump’s demand that the United Nations restore sanctions and lifted travel restrictions on Iranian officials wanting to come to America for UN meetings.

This, just three days after an Iranian-backed militia attacked a US military base in Iraq, killing a contractor and injuring at least nine others. The tepid response from Biden’s State Department: “We will, in coordination with our Iraqi partners, reserve the right to respond at a time and place of our choosing.”

Less than two weeks before that, a Belgian court convicted an Iranian diplomat and his accomplices of plotting a terrorist attack in Paris at Tehran’s behest in 2018. The target was a dissident rally filled with speakers and journalists from the West, including the United States.

Biden says he’d like to extend the agreement to curb Iran’s support of terrorism, but Tehran says that’s not on the table — and it’s proved it by continuing to plot and carry out deadly attacks.

He’s already dropping sanctions against the regime, which pleases the raghead terrorists to no end,

The criminality of Obama’s Iran nuke deal involved giving payoffs to Iranian bankspaying $400 million in ransom to the Iranian thugs for hostages, and essentially giving them the green light to make bombs.

Iran not only continued its nuke development but used the aid from Obama as an added benefit.

President Trump decertified that disaster, but of course, Biden, who is picking up where Barky left off, gladly prostrates to one of the worst Islamofascist terrorist regimes on the planet.



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