Biden’s CIA Director, Who Employed CCP Members, Took Secret Trip To China

Why in the fuck is a ChiCom collaborator in charge of the CIA ? Fucking traitor.

Daily Caller

CIA Director William Burns made a covert trip to China in May for meetings with officials in a bid to restore deteriorating relations between Washington and Beijing, the Financial Times reported, citing five anonymous officials familiar with the situation.

The visit to China is Burns’ first and the most senior by any Biden administration official, underscoring how concerned the president is over deepening rifts in official communication between the competing countries, the FT reported. Yet, experts have raised concerns about the CIA director’s vulnerability to malign political influence from Beijing since the Daily Caller News Foundation revealed he formerly headed a Washington-based think tank employing undisclosed Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members.

He may have met with Chinese intelligence officials, according to the FT’s sources.

“Last month, director Burns traveled to Beijing where he met with Chinese counterparts and emphasized the importance of maintaining open lines of communications in intelligence channels,” a U.S. official told the FT, suggesting Burns met with Chinese intelligence officials

……Discovery of a Chinese spy balloon that transited across the continental U.S. collecting data on sensitive military sites fractured relations between Xi Jinping’s China and the Biden administration.

But in May, sometime after Burns completed his trip, Biden said he expected an imminent “thaw” in relations, according to the FT.

Biden allowed that ChiCom spy balloon to fly all the way across the country.

The FBI knew that the Bidens were in bed with ChiCom spies. As a matter of fact, Hunter Biden bragged in 2018 about working with China’s top espionage official, in a recording that was found on his laptop.

The Biden Family Crime Syndicate has substantial financial ties with ChiCom entities. Beijing is the Biden Family’s financial benefactor.

It’s bad enough that half the Biden clan are Chinese tools, now we have a ChiCom tool for a CIA director.


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