Biden’s Classified Documents Were Actually Discovered Just Six Days Before the Midterm Election, DOJ Kept the Matter Silent Until Now

Election meddling.

Gateway Pundit

The recent discovery of dozens of classified documents found inside a closet at Biden’s office at the UPenn Biden Center has networks such as CNN calling the discovery “embarrassing.”

However, the bigger story in the midst of the Biden Doc Scandal is the timing of the report being released to the public.

The documents were initially discovered on November 2nd, just six days before the midterm election.

After discovering the documents Biden’s attorneys would turn them into the National Archives who would then hand over the documents to the DOJ who kept the matter silent until Monday.

President Trump noticed the strange timing of the documents being released and took to Truth Social to write: “Why didn’t the “Justice” Department announce the Highly Classified documents found in the Biden Office before the election?”


How convenient. Garland’s goons couldn’t wait to raid Mar-a-Lago in a blatant act act of political theater.

I wonder who lit a fire under the asses of Biden’s lawyers to remove those documents. They know the House GOP is going to rain down a barrage of investigations into the Biden family crime syndicate and they didn’t want the contents to be exposed.

And why are Biden’s “personal attorneys,” WHO HAVE NO SECURITY CLEARANCE, searching for additional classified documents INSTEAD OF THE FBI?

Trump keeping documents in a secured room locked with an FBI-requested padlock, at a heavily guarded private residence is “irresponsible,” but Biden keeping documents he wasn’t authorized to possess, in totally unsecure areas like a university office and his home garage, is okay.

Too bad the angry National Archive librarian didn’t get a whiff of this back in 2017.

Garland is appointing a special council–Robert Hur— to investigate. We’ll see if he’s legit or just another establishment shill who will run interference for Biden. He was Christopher Wray’s assistant so it’s questionable.

And right on cue, lefties are claiming that the docs were “planted”.

Johnson is the same assclown who declared during a hearing that Guam would tip over and capsize if too many people resided on the island:


There’s a two tiered system of justice.  Dems are a hypocritical mob and are not held to the same legal, ethical and moral standards as everyone else. They do whatever they want and get away with it. And the mainstream liberal media hacks back them up.  Meanwhile, conservatives and the GOP roll over and play victim. They’re not worth a shit. They don’t have the guts to get down and dirty in a bare-knuckle brawl with the Dem corruptocrats on the floor of Congress. They have totally alienated their base with their cowardly treatment of President Trump and his supporters.

In 2015, I posted an essay on the GOP’s desperate need for an overhaul.  Everything I discussed is still relevant.  They have to be willing to bare-knuckle brawl the DemProgs and fight to get America back and keep it.

We’ll see if the new GOP House majority has the guts.

I won’t hold my breath.


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