Biden’s Inflation Bill Weaponizes IRS, Literally

On Tucker Carlson Tonight


Buried in the bill is a big giveaway to the Internal Revenue Service. The agency stands to gain $80 billion from this legislation. That will allow the agency to hire more than 80,000 new agents. Keep in mind, the IRS is already wonderfully, mysteriously, heavily militarized.

They’ve stockpiled thousands of firearms and millions of rounds of ammunition. Why does the IRS need all that weaponry? Why do we need to make the IRS even more powerful exactly? We know the point isn’t to investigate wealthy or powerful Americans. The most recent version of the bill keeps the carried interest loophole intact. Now that benefits wealthy individuals and institutions, in particular hedge fund managers who are some of the Democratic Party’s biggest donors.

So, it won’t be Goldman Sachs’ doors being kicked in with IRS agents with those guns. No. Following all this? Build Back Better means doing exactly what China and hedge fund managers that make a lot of money in China want us to do. What do Americans get out of the deal? Apparently, a lot more inflation and probably a lot more audits.

This is how the Dems sneak in legislation for power grabs.

In  July, House Judiciary Committee Member Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., sounded off on news that the Internal Revenue Service, Railroad Retirement Board and other federal agencies have been stocking up on thousands of rounds of ammunition as civilians face shortages and Biden continues to claim no one needs such volumes of bullets.


Call me old-fashioned, but I thought the heaviest artillery an IRS agent would need would be a calculator. I imagine the IRS in green eyeshades and cubicles — not busting doors down and emptying Glock clips on our fellow Americans. Certainly it’s troubling that in 2022 alone, the IRS has spent around $725,000 on ammunition. So here’s the Biden plan: Disarm Americans, open the border, empty the prisons — but rest assured, they’ll still collect your taxes, and they need $725,000 worth of ammunition, apparently, to get the job done.

“Tax cheat” isn’t usually a term we hear alongside “armed and dangerous.” And there was a report that showed over a 10-year period, the IRS actually stockpiled $11 million worth of ammunition.

Guess which tax brackets will get the most harassment:


The IRS engaged in the deliberate suppression, harassment, and intimidation of patriotic and conservative groups, and those who focus on the Constitution and criticize government spending,

Lois Lerner used her position as IRS commissioner to target individuals because of their patriotic opposition to Obama.

The IRS is acting like a paramilitary wing of the Dem party.

The entire corrupt Biden regime including the corrupt DOJ, FBI, DHS and IRS need to be purged. They’re trampling all over the law and the constitution at will. Most Americans won’t pay attention to the erosion of civil liberties until it happens to them.



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