Biden’s Lies Repeatedly Dismissed, Downplayed by Media


Fox News

The media has long downplayed and softened Biden’s decades-long history of falsehoods, as most recently evidenced by a euphemism-filled New York Times report that referred to outright fabrications and lies as “folklore” stories with “factual edges shaved off.”

The Times finally discovered Biden’s trouble with the truth on Tuesday but was widely mocked for using mealy-mouthed language in the report.

The Times noted Biden has lied about being “raised in the Puerto Rican community at home,” his academic record, his life story, being arrested when protesting civil rights, being arrested in South Africa, pinning a Silver Star on a Navy captain and even the timeline when he rode on Amtrak to visit his sick mother, among other things. He’s told other unbelievable stories that the Times failed to mention, such as the claim he confronted a gang leader named “Corn Pop” in the 1960s.

But instead of flatly calling Biden a liar, the Times said he “embellished narratives, sometimes only loosely based on the facts, to weave together his political identity.”

……Some of Biden’s dishonest statements are political, such as the time he claimed the economy had “zero percent inflation” during July when it was actually 8.5%. Other times, they’re wildly exaggerated tidbits about his personal life. He often botches key details, misremembers dates and sometimes seems to just make up or embellish tales about his past.

He has falsely claimed he was “appointed” to the Naval Academy, dishonestly said he was arrested in South Africa, misleadingly bragged he was arrested during the civil rights movement in the United Stated, inaccurately claimed he was once a professional truck driver and oddly claimed he was “sort of raised in the Puerto Rican community at home.”

Biden’s lies are sometimes repeated multiple times, often growing bigger with each exaggerated version of the actual event. He declared this week that “everything was ruined” from the basement to the attic and “we almost lost a couple firefighters” when lightning struck his home 15 years ago.

However, the Associated Press at the time reported that “no one was injured” in the “small fire that was contained to the kitchen” and under control within 20 minutes.

Greg Price, a senior digital strategist for X Strategies, put a spotlight on Biden’s fire falsehood by sharing footage of the apparent exaggeration. He believes “Biden has spent his entire career lying” but regularly gets a pass from the mainstream media.

“The reason he gets away with it is because, contrary to what Chris Cilizza once said, reporters do in fact root for a side,” Price told Fox News Digital, referring to the CNN’s reliably liberal Cillizza famously claiming that “reporters don’t root for a side. Period.”

……Fox News contributor and “Come On, Man” author Joe Concha believes coverage would be “whatever exceeds 24/7 pious outrage” if a Republican said something so demonstrably false as Biden’s claim that “everything was ruined” when his kitchen caught fire.

“Instead, it’s silence of the lambs,” Concha told Fox News Digital.

“He constantly lies with impunity and for no apparent reason. He said he finished at the top of his law school class. He finished near the bottom. He had to drop out of the 1988 presidential race due to plagiarism. He keeps saying he was arrested during civil rights protests. He said he was arrested trying to see Nelson Mandela. He insists inflation is at or near zero percent. He says we’re not in a recession. And he says the border is closed,” Concha continued. “Yet, fact-checkers either ignore the lies or try to defend them.”


Biden is and always has been a pathological liar.

The liberal mainstream media covered for ObamaHillary, and now they’re doing it for Biden.

The synchronized efforts between the Dems and their propaganda wing in the media involve redundancy of fake news, venom toward patriots and people who won’t buy into their bullshit.

Dems know this and have teamed up with their media tools to manipulate opinion and voting habits for years. That usually works with people who get their information from only liberal sources and don’t bother to do independent research.


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