Biden’s ‘Time to heal in America” is a Farce

Washington Examiner

Joe Biden at least sounded sincere when he said on Saturday that “this is the time to heal in America.” But liberals must have howled in amusement at the idea.

They have no interest in unity because they’re not nice. They’re vindictive.

Could that be any more evident than in New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ensuring that Democrats are “archiving” Trump supporters for “their complicity”?

That’s not a sentiment exclusive to Jenny from the Block, nor is it only something found on “the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.” That is the feeling that motivates at least half of the party’s voters.

I would bet money that all or most of the right-leaning people reading this right now have lost at least one friend after telling others that they voted for President Trump in 2016. That, by the way, is something that doesn’t happen when a Democrat runs for reelection.

No, conservatives and Republicans don’t cut people out of their lives over politics. Only liberals do that. Likewise, it’s only liberals who threaten to smash windows, start fires, and assault innocent pedestrians in their own cities if elections don’t go their way.

Right-leaners feel a deep panic anytime political affairs come up in social settings, exceedingly nervous that any of their views might send a nearby liberal into a blinding rage. Liberals, on the other hand, spew their ideas with disregard for anyone who might disagree, completely unaware that not everyone endorses open borders and reparations.

Biden wants to “heal in America.” He doesn’t need to tell Trump’s supporters. He needs to tell his own.

Considering the unhinged hate and violence that has become the Dem platform, Biden can suck my ass.


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