Biden’s Weaponized Feds Raid Giuliani’s Home

Government agencies have been weaponized against American citizens, and Dems designate the targets.

Tucker Carlson

……At 6 a.m. on Wednesday, federal agents raided the home of former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani. They seized his personal property, including his electronic devices, which included all of his digital communications and records. Before they did this, the feds notified their allies at the Democratic Party’s campaign operation, The Lincoln Project. The Lincoln Project then bragged online that they knew the raid was coming. You may have imagined that the Lincoln Project was done, we told you that, in fact. We believed it was permanently discredited by a child molestation scandal. Which they admitted. But it wasn’t. Under this administration, the Lincoln Project is stronger than ever – strong enough to know about an FBI raid before it happens. And of course, it’s stronger, because the Lincoln Project is an ally of the White House, and so by definition, they can do whatever they want, and they do.

But Rudy Giuliani is not a political ally of the White House. He was the personal attorney of the former president — whose communications the Feds are of course now reading. That was Giuliani’s offense: being Trump’s lawyer — that, and having the gall to try to learn more about what exactly Joe Biden and his son were doing in Ukraine several years ago. The Justice Department announced today that asking too many questions about Biden’s dealings in Ukraine is now a crime. They called it something else, but that’s what Giuliani did.  

The one electronic device the feds didn’t seize in today’s raid was a copy of Hunter Biden’s hard drive from his laptop. Giuliani had a copy of it in his apartment. At one point, agents picked it up and looked at it. But when Giuliani told them it came from Hunter Biden, they put it down, and they left it there. It was the one thing they didn’t want. That’s very strange if you think about it. The Justice Department is now telling us that Giuliani was somehow involved in foreign tampering with our democracy. Russia, by implication, was involved. So you’d think they’d want to examine Rudy Giuliani’s own copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop.  

Why? Because Hunter Biden himself just told us on television that laptop, that hard drive, could be tied directly to Russian intelligence. The fake Russian laptop, with all the photoshopped pictures of Hunter Biden smoking fake Russian crack with fake Russian hookers. Why wouldn’t the FBI want to see Rudy Giuliani’s own copy of that? Well, you’d think they would. Because as Joe Biden told us during the October debate on TV, he believed Rudy Giuliani was a quote “pawn” of Russian intelligence.

……Oh, he’s being fed information by Russian intelligence, by Vladimir Putin. So, if Rudy Giuliani was working for the Russian government, as the now-president claimed in public, you’d think Biden’s Justice Department would want all the Russia-related evidence it could get from Rudy Giuliani’s apartment.

Oh, but they didn’t, that’s not what they wanted. Instead, they explained that they had a search warrant for all communications between Giuliani and, among others, a journalist called John Solomon. If the name sounds familiar, John Solomon often appears on ‘Hannity’ with Sean Hannity.

So, why are they interested in John Solomon? Well, we don’t know, but here’s a guess: At one point, John Solomon’s reporting uncovered the fact that a key figure in the Mueller investigation   — a Ukrainian businessman called Konstantin Kilimnik — was in fact informant for the U.S. government. Now, that was an essential fact to know, but Robert Mueller didn’t disclose that in his final report. Instead, he portrayed the Ukrainian as a Russian agent.

Now, that was a lie, it was a lie by omission. And that lie helped prop up the collusion hoax. John Solomon exposed that lie. It looks like the Biden people haven’t forgotten about it.

The FBI’s pretext for investigating Giuliani is that he violated something that no one in America even heard of a few years ago called FARA, the Foreign Agents Registration Act. For 50 years, only seven people faced criminal charges for violating FARA. Only one was convicted. In fact, the U.S. attorney’s manual at the DOJ said that you should warn lobbyists who don’t comply with FARA, not prosecute them, warn them. Most violations were ignored — they still are — it’s extremely common in Washington. And it’s not Russia that people are lobbying for. They’re treated as a civil matter.

That changed when Trump was elected. FARA investigations became a tool the DOJ used against mouthy and inconvenient Republicans. There have been more FARA prosecutions in the past three years than we’ve seen over the past half-century. Process crimes, weaponized against political opponents. Political opponents are prominent in Washington, and particularly the Biden administration.

Roger Stone has a Ph.D. in that subject. Roger Stone has never been elected to anything. You could argue he’s never wielded profound political power. But he has been a long-time informal advisor of Donald Trump. In 2019, for that crime, Roger Stone was arrested on the grounds of lying to Congress about a subject that, honestly, no one now can seem to remember. What were the details? No one knows. And by the way, the context is this: lying to Congress, it happens all the time. Roughly every day. And sometimes, it greatly hurts the country.

James Clapper, the former director of national intelligence, lied to Congress when he said the NSA wasn’t spying on millions of Americans. The NSA was, in violation of our constitutional rights. James Brennan, the former CIA director, lied when he said the CIA wasn’t spying on the US senate. Can you imagine an Intel agency spying on the legislative branch? That was happening, he lied about it. Another case of perjury.
Here’s the interesting thing: Neither Clapper nor Brennan was prosecuted. In fact, both got better jobs. Why did they get off? They’re on the right side.


The Feds don’t care about Biden’s laptop because it contains evidence of Biden family corruption which they don’t intend to prosecute anyway.

The information contained in Hunter Biden’s laptop which proved his father’s shady connections with Ukraine and China were extensively covered in the New York Post.

The FBI tried to bury the evidence. An extensive interview with Biden’s former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, showed that Joe Biden was involved in Hunter’s shady business dealings and made quite a profit.

As if that wasn’t enough, there are photos of Hunter Biden exposing himself to underage girls.

Joe Biden is ass deep in this corruption. He should be investigated as well. But we know that won’t happen.

Clapper was one of the most corrupt douchebags in Obama’s regime, and that’s saying a lot. He lied his ass off under oath before Congress about blanket surveillance.

Brennan is a twatwaffle who did everything he could to undermine America’s security and subvert the 2016 election.  In 2014, his CIA illegally spied on the U.S. Senate, breaking into congressional staffers’ emails for material to use to prosecute them and then lied about it.

If there was any truth to the “equal justice under the law”,  Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Clapper, and Brennan would have already been in federal prison.

There’s one set of rules for Dems, another set of rules for everyone else.



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