Big Brother Biden Considers Using Private Firms to Surveil ‘Extremist Chatter’ Online

NY Post

The Biden administration is reportedly considering contracting outside firms to track ​”extremist” chatter online in order to circumvent legal restrictions on the surveillance power of federal agencies like the Department of Homeland Security.

While the move would expand the government’s intelligence gathering capability, it would also add fuel to the widespread criticism of the government’s vast surveillance power and spawn possible legal action over the monitoring of Americans, CNN reported, citing sources.

The DHS is limited in its ability to surveil Americans on social media sites without strong justification and is prohibited from using false identities to get access to private messaging apps used by groups like the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, the report said.

The federal government is only allowed to browse through the public information on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

To get around those restrictions, the federal government is reportedly weighing enlisting outside entities that can legally encounter these groups and gather information.

Working with these companies would allow the DHS to better analyze trends and provide more real-time information for its use and for the FBI, which also is unable to surveil US citizens without first getting a warrant or proving some overarching justification like a previous investigation.

The CIA and the National Security Agency are under similar restrictions.


In spite of “restrictions”, weaponized government agencies spied on Trump and other political opponents. Former acting CIA Director John McLaughlin actually admits there’s a Deep State and praises it.  In 2014, John Brennan‘s CIA illegally spied on the U.S. Senate, breaking into congressional staffers’ emails for material to use to prosecute them and then lied about it.
The NSA engages in blanket spying on a daily basis. The agency also tracks your social media, cell phones, and emails.  As a matter of fact, the government doesn’t have to circumvent “restrictions”.  Google is a willing collaborator.
Big Brother has also reared its ugly head in the Postal Service.
The U.S. government monitors banking transactions of private citizens, and Zuckerberg wants to access your information including card transactions and checking-account balances.
James Comey, the corrupt former FBI director, claims the government ‘owns your thoughts and memories‘.
The Feds have also created a covid “contact tracing” database to monitor people it believes are infected or could be.

Real extremist groups like Antifa and BLM thugs that rampage in the streets, set buildings on fire, loot businesses, assault, and murder people, are not mentioned in the spying scenario. Only “extremists” that protest government abuse of power and corruption. Let that sink in.


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