Big Brother CDC Tracked Millions of Americans’ Cell Phones to Spy on Vax, Lockdown Compliance

The covidiocy Police State in action.

New York Post

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention used location data from tens of millions of Americans’ phones to track compliance with lockdown orders and vaccination efforts, according to newly revealed documents.

The CDC specifically monitored Americans’ visits to churches and schools, as well as “detailed counts of visits to participating pharmacies for vaccine monitoring,” internal documents from the federal agency obtained by Vice show.

The CDC also reportedly tracked peoples’ movement during curfews and visits between neighbors.

A controversial “data broker” called SafeGraph initially provided the data to the CDC for free during the outbreak of the pandemic, the documents show. Then in 2021, the CDC reportedly hatched a deal to pay the company $420,000 for continued access.

The CDC argued in the documents that data from SafeGraph — which is backed by tech billionaire Peter Thiel and ex-Saudi intelligence chief Turki bin Faisal Al Saud, among other investors — helped give the agency “deeper insights into the pandemic as it pertains to human behavior.”

Other health authorities including the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Illinois Department of Transportation have also been accused of tracking millions of people’s phones in recent years.

Data brokers like SafeGraph say that the information they sell represents the movements of groups of people rather than individual users. But critics have raised concerns about the data being less anonymous than data brokers claim.


The government goons are out of control.  The erosion of privacy and civil liberties gets worse every day. American citizens who challenge authoritarian Covid measures and question the integrity of elections are now “domestic terrorists”. Of course, the real domestic terrorists, Antifa and BLM, are excluded.

Stand up for your rights and protect them as if your life depends on it. Because it does.


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