Black and Hispanic Thugs Who Beat White Teenager to Death Will be Tried as Adults

Damien Hernandez, 17, Dontral Beaver, 16, Gianni Robinson, 17, and Treavion Randolph, 16 are now facing murder charges as adults.




A Las Vegas teen has died after he was beaten by a group of bullies for coming to the defense of a “smaller” friend who was thrown into a trash can, the student’s grieving dad said.

Jonathan Lewis, a 17-year-old student at Rancho High School, died last Tuesday — less than two weeks after he was savagely beaten by a mob of 15 kids, his father, also named Jonathan Lewis, confirmed to 8 News Now on Thursday.

“One of his smaller friends had something stolen by this group of 15, and they threw the small boy in the trash can, and our son confronted them and he was attacked,” according to a GoFundMe page set up by his family.

Alarming footage from the Nov. 1 attack — only blocks from Lewis’ high school — shows the teen confronting one of the alleged bullies before throwing a punch.

Seconds later, the mob of violent kids swarmed Lewis and began hitting and kicking the outnumbered teen repeatedly in the head as he lay defenseless on the ground.


There’s two more shitbags out there that are being sought by police for their part in the murder.

Every god-damned one of them should be removed from the gene pool.


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