Black Mother to Minnesota Dems: ‘Ethnic Studies’ and CRT Aren’t as Benign as You Think

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A black attorney and mother slammed Minnesota Democrat legislators for trying to make “ethnic studies” mandatory beginning in kindergarten. In a brief speech, Kofi Montzka explained exactly why critical race theory-influenced curriculum is terrible for children, particularly black children, and why it shouldn’t be shoved on kids in school.



CRT is a racist doctrine which teaches children to judge one another by the color of their skin, separating them into two categories, oppressed and oppressor. It’s how the Dem Party caters to minorities via the bigotry of low expectations.

The focus for this brainwashing is on white children, specifically.  Teachers tell them they’re “born racist” and they’re imbued with “white privilege” which is part of “systemic racism”.  Black kids are segregated into separate classrooms and encouraged to “voice their feelings” and “share experiences about being a kid of color”.  Did you get that? Sound familiar? That’s Jim Crow.  The new radical ‘woke’ Left wants to regress to pre-civil rights.  Parents who voice objections are considered a ‘problem’, and they become targets.

Parents and communities are fighting back against this bullshit.



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