Black Panthers Outside Philly Polling Station, and More Obama-Inspired Thuggery

One of the fuckers was brandishing a nightstick. The University of Pennsylvania student who caught the thugs red-handed, called the cops. The self-appointed “Obama security crew” was escorted out of the area.

Elsewhere, more Obama-inspired thuggery. New Hampshire GOP election officials , allowed by law to monitor voter registration tables just like their Dem counterparts, have been kicked out of polling stations.

A law suit has been filed.

More puerile stunts:

Some Obamabots have called up Pennsylvania voters and told them — falsely — that their voting stations have been relocated. At least one of the suckers of cock was caught through a phone trace, and tracked to a Philadelphia residence.

Expect alot more of this crap as the night wears on, and probably full scale riots in ACORN land when McCain wins.

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