Black Suspect Who Stabbed White Victim to Death Spoke of “White Privilege” During Attack

It’s a hate crime but since the victim is white, the Dems will ignore it.

Fox News

An anonymous witness who spoke to a local ABC affiliate said the suspect who allegedly struck a biker before stabbing him to death in Southern California last Wednesday muttered about “White privilege” during the incident.

The neighbor, who declined to be interviewed on camera, said she and her family heard what sounded like a gunshot before the attack against emergency room physician Michael Mammone, 58, and then heard the suspect issue the racial slur, according to ABC7.

Mammone was killed by a motorist in an attack in the coastal city of Dana Point while he was on an afternoon bicycle ride last week, according to authorities. The suspect, who also allegedly stabbed Mammone, was identified as 39-year-old Vanroy Evan Smith after being detained by bystanders and arrested on suspicion of murder.



It’s California. Dem-run states are cesspools of crime , especially California.

Besides, it’s only a hate crime if the victim is black. 




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