BLM Assclown Who was Shot in the Seattle Cop-Free “Autonomous Zone” Wants to Sue Cops

He should be sued for breathing precious oxygen.

It was inevitable. The same radical leftwing groups that hate, vilify and want to defund the police, expect them to jump whenever it’s convenient for them.

Fuck their Lord of the Flies ‘autonomous zone’. The police should get a case of Blue Flu, let all of them kill each other, and sweep up the bodes after they’re done.

BTW: The BLM thugs can get sued, as well:

A Louisiana police officer injured during protests over the 2016 killing of a black man can sue a Black Lives Matter organizer on the grounds he acted negligently by leading people to block a highway, a federal appeals court has ruled.

The Baton Rouge officer, identified only as John Doe in court records, had sued DeRay Mckesson and others who gathered as part of the Black Lives Matter movement after police fatally shot Alton Sterling, The Advocate reported. A federal judge threw out the lawsuit in 2017, citing First Amendment rights and noting Black Lives Matter was too loosely organized to sue.

But the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday that the officer should be able to argue that Mckesson, a prominent Baltimore activist, didn’t exercise reasonable care in leading protesters onto the highway, setting up a police confrontation in which the officer was injured by a thrown concrete block.


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