Bomb Blasts at Boston Marathon; 3 Dead, Dozens Injured, Leftwingnuts Start Their Blame the Tea Party/Republicans Engine (With Updates)


A suspect in the Boston bombings has been caught on CCTV apparently planting the second of the two explosives in what investigators have hailed as a major breakthrough in the case.

Video obtained by the FBI shows the suspect placing a bag near the Lord and Taylor department store while talking on a cellphone moments before the twin blasts ripped though the city centre, killing three and injuring more than 180.

The unidentified man is also captured using his phone at the moment the first explosion detonated 100 yards away on Boylston Street on Monday and 12 seconds before the second blast close to where he is standing.
He was wearing a black jacket, a grey hooded sweatshirt, is about 6ft or 6ft 2ins tall and of a medium build. He had a white or off-color-white baseball cap on backwards.


20-year-old Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, the Saudi national first suspected of being involved in Monday’s twin bomb attack, is being hastily deported on “national security grounds”.

What a coincidence.

First reports from Fox News:

At least two people are dead and dozens injured – including up to 10 with amputated limbs – after two bombs tore through the finish line of the Boston Marathon and another exploded near a Boston library, according to the Boston Police Department.

Authorities were guarding a person of interest at a local hospital, sources told The person had severe burns, but authorities had not determined whether the person was a victim or a perpetrator. The FBI, which was treating the bombing as a terrorist investigation, was analyzing video from several area surveillance cameras.

The simultaneous explosions just before 3 p.m., another blast several miles away more than an hour later, and reports of two other unexploded devices found near the scene raised suspicions of a terrorist attack. Authorities shut down cellular service in the area in order to prevent remote detonations. Intelligence officials told The Associated Press two unexploded devices were being dismantled, and a third explosion near the JFK Library in the Columbia Point section of Dorchester. Competitors and race organizers were crying as they fled the bloody chaos, while some witnesses reported seeing victims with lost limbs.

“Somebody’s leg flew by my head,” a spectator, who gave his name as John Ross, told the Boston Herald. “I gave my belt to stop the blood.”

The first two explosions occurred at 2:50 p.m. – nearly five hours after the marathon began – about 50 to 100 yards apart, according to Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis. The third explosion occurred several miles southeast of the marathon’s finish line, at around 4:15 p.m. Police could not say if it was related to the earlier explosions.

Two more explosives found:

A senior U.S. intelligence official says two more explosive devices have been found near the scene of the Boston marathon where two bombs detonated earlier.
The official said the new devices were being dismantled.


Investigators have a suspect — a Saudi Arabian national — in the horrific Boston Marathon bombings, The Post has learned.

Law enforcement sources said the 20-year-old suspect was under guard at an undisclosed Boston hospital.

Fox News reported that the suspect suffered severe burns.

It was not immediately clear why the man was hospitalized and whether he was injured in the attack or in his apprehension.

The man was caught less than two hours after the 2:50 p.m. bombing on the finish line of the race, in the heart of Boston.


3 dead, 140 wounded.

And right on cue, the leftwingnuts chimed in with their usual fucking stupidity:

Nicholas Kristof, columnist for the New York Times, tweeted:


After public outrage he tried to take it back:


Less than two hours after the horrific bombing, CNN national security analyst Peter Bergen crawled out of the woodwork to speculate that “right-wing extremists” could be behind the attack.

He told CNN anchor Jake Tapper:

I’m reminded of Oklahoma City, which was a bombing, which was initially treated as a gas explosion. First reports are often erroneous.

Bergen says in an article written for CNN:

A senior U.S. counterterrorism investigator told CNN that pressure cooker bombs have also been a signature of extreme right-wing individuals in the United States who he said tend to revel in building homemade bombs.

That’s funny, because Al Qaeda published a how-to article on pressure-cooker bombs in the muzzie terrorist magazine Inspire.

As a matter of fact:

In 2010, militants in Pakistan attacked the office of Christian aid organization World Vision and killed six workers there, all Muslim. After shooting workers, the terrorists exploded a locally made pressure cooker bomb.

Also in 2010, Faizal Shahzad attempted a bombing near Times Square by leaving explosives, including a pressure cooker bomb, in car a near Times Square.

In 2011, police seized two pressure cooker bombs from the hotel room of Naser Abdo, who planned to use them to bomb Fort Hood in Texas.

Nor is there is a single reference to any “right-wing” use–American or otherwise–of pressure cooker bombs in recently overview articles written on the subject by the Canadian Broadcasting Company, the Huffington Post, or is such use mentioned once in a Department of Homeland Security report on pressure cooker bombs.

NBC News moonbat Luke Russert blames bombing on ‘Waco types’:

And what would a terrorist attack be without Chrissy Mathews weighing in with its gotta be a “domestic terrorist who has issues with Tax Day.”

David “Astroturf” Axelrod says Obama thinks it might be related to “Tax Day”.

The Dhimmi-in-Chief refuses to call it terrorism, opting instead for the usual “tragedy” crap.  He says he won’t rest until the culprits are brought to justice. Just like Benghazi.

Here’s a good lead, B. Hussein:

Police took a 20-year-old Saudi national into custody near the scene of yesterday’s horrific Boston Marathon bomb attack, law-enforcement sources told The Post.

The potential suspect was questioned by the FBI and local police yesterday at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, where he was under heavy guard while being treated for shrapnel injuries to his leg sustained in the blast.

In late afternoon, a large group of federal and state law enforcement agents raided an apartment in a building in the Saudi man’s hometown of Revere, Mass.

FBI agents could be seen through one window. It was not clear what, if anything, they found. But Revere fire officials said they were called out to support bomb-squad officers as part of an investigation of a “person of interest” in the marathon attack.

At the hospital, investigators seized the man’s clothes to examine whether they held any evidence that he was behind the attack. The law-enforcement sources also told The Post that the man was not free to leave the medical center.

They searched his apartment an lo and behold:

Police were seen carrying several large bags from a suburban Boston apartment that authorities say was searched in connection to the Boston Marathon bombing.
The bags were removed from the apartment on Ocean Avenue in Revere just north of Boston at about 2 a.m. Tuesday.

For over four years, the left-wing media has been spewing accusations at Tea Party patriots and right-leaning Republicans for every act of terrorist violence on American soil:

* September 2009: The discovery of hanged census-taker Bill Sparkman in rural Kentucky fueled media speculation that he’d been killed by anti-government Tea Partiers. In fact, he’d killed himself and staged his corpse to look like a homicide so his family could collect on life insurance.

* February 2010: Joe Stack flew his small plane into an IRS building in Austin, Texas. The media immediately suggested that the anti-tax rhetoric of the Tea Party led to the attack. In fact, Stack’s suicide note quoted the Communist Manifesto.

* That same month, a professor at the University of Alabama, Amy Bishop, shot and killed three colleagues at a faculty meeting. The gun-loving Tea Party came under immediate suspicion. But Bishop was a lifelong Democrat and Obama donor.

* March 2010: John Patrick Bedell shot two Pentagon security officers at close range. The media went wild with speculation that a right-wing extremist had reached the end of his rope. Bedell turned out to be a registered Democrat and 9/11 Truther.

* May 2010: New York authorities disarmed a massive car bomb in Times Square. Mayor Bloomberg immediately speculated that the bomber was someone upset about the president’s new health-care law. The media trumpeted the idea that crazed conservatives had (again, they implied) turned to violence. In fact, the perp was Faisal Shahzad, an Islamic extremist.

* August 2010: Amidst the debate over the Ground Zero Mosque, Michael Enright stabbed a Muslim cab driver in the neck. It was immediately dubbed an “anti-Muslim stabbing,” with “rising Islamophobia” on the political right to blame. In fact, Enright, a left-leaning art student, had worked with a firm that produced a pro-mosque statement.

* September 2010: James Lee, 43, took three hostages at the Discovery Channel’s headquarters in Maryland. The media speculation was unstoppable: Lee was surely a “climate-change denier” who’d resorted to violence. Oops: He was an environmentalist who viewed humans as parasites on the Earth.

* January 2011: Jared Lee Loughner went on a rampage in Tucson, Ariz. Again the media knew just who to blame: the Tea Party and its extremist rhetoric. In fact, Loughner was mostly apolitical — a conspiracy theorist who, to date, has been judged too mentally incompetent to stand trial.

When lone wackos Jared Loughner and Joseph Andrew Stack turned out to be deranged leftwingnuts and not  Tea Party supporters as they fervently hoped, they still continued to fill the airwaves with spit-flecked rants.

When Soldiers in Arkansas and Texas were murdered by radical muslims, the  MSM  switched into high gear over  a “backlash against muslims”, and in some cases, blamed the victims.

The leftwing bullshit machine did the same thing during the Texas murders of three district attorneys, which they quickly blamed on “Aryan Brotherhood white supremacists”. Turns out it was a former Justice of the Peace who pulled the triggers.

With shitty odds like that, you’d think they would have given up on the “right-wing violence” meme.

Just a reminder: Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano gave “trusted traveler” status to Saudi passengers.

Feel safer?

UPDATE: More on the suspect:

As of last night, investigators had not yet directly asked the man whether he had set off the bombs. But they had asked him general questions, such as what he was doing in the area.

The man told police he had dinner Sunday night near Boston’s Prudential Center, about half a mile from the blast site, the sources said.

He also said that he went to the Copley Square area yesterday to witness the finish of the race.

The sources said that, after the man was grabbed by police, he smelled of gunpowder and declared, “I thought there would be a second bomb.”

He also asked: “Did anyone die?”

Uh, yeah mutherfucker, 3 including a child.

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