Bomb Hoaxer Arrested, Already Known to Authorities

Via Fox News

A male suspect was arrested in Florida on Friday morning in connection with the rash of suspicious packages sent to prominent Democrats nationwide, law enforcement sources confirmed to Fox News.

Multiple sources identified the suspect to Fox News as Cesar Sayoc of Aventura, Florida.

A law enforcement source told Fox News that the suspect is a white male in his 50s, a former New Yorker, who lives in Aventura, Florida, who had prior arrests for terroristic threats. Several of the packages went through a U.S. postal facility in Opa-locka, which is less than 10 miles from Aventura.

……The devices are thought to have been fashioned from crude, bomb-making designs widely available on the Internet. Authorities haven’t said whether the devices were built to explode and kill or simply sow fear.

All of them were fake and incapable of injuring anyone.

Ryan Morris, founder of Tripwire Operation Group, a company that provides explosives training to law enforcement and military officials, called the devices “Mickey Mouse” bombs that were meant to be found. He told Fox News he believes the primary motive is fear. The packages were sent about two weeks ahead of the midterm elections.

There’s a pattern of incompetence when it comes to the feds taking certain threats seriously.

This is a mug shot taken after one of his priors:

Court records in Florida show that Sayoc was arrested in 2002 and served a year of probation for a felony charge of threatening to throw or place a bomb. Court records available online did not immediately provide further details about the case, but his lawyer (said) the case involved a heated conversation with a Florida utility representative.


Looks like he’s Latino, Filipino, or Native American not Caucasian. Well, there goes at least one Dem talking point.

Very curious:


He’s a nut job and a lousy bomb maker. This comes nowhere near the death threats, shootings, and mob violence by DemProgs.

Wait until after the November Red Wave. The Dems will have to pull off a real bombing to distract from their disaster.

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1 thought on “Bomb Hoaxer Arrested, Already Known to Authorities”

  1. I had read that he’s Native American; Seminole. Also that he used to be a stripper, managed a strip club, was obsessed with body building, and steroids.

    Apparently, he was even registered as Green at some point.

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