Brace for Invasion of Afghan “Refugees” in America, Rise in Terrorist Threat (UPDATED)


Colin Kahl, the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC)  and stated that terrorist groups operating in Afghanistan could be able to – and intend to – attack the U.S. in as little as six months.

Thanks, Biden.

Well, since Biden opened the borders and let thousands of illegal aliens into the country, this is icing on the cake.


Daily Mail

Over the weekend Fox News obtained a Department of Defense report which showed the US plans to bring in 30,000 Afghan refugees ‘in the immediate future’.

DoD spokesman Chris Mitchell said some 22,000 will be housed in US facilities that could potentially be military garrisons.

SIV, or Special Immigrant Visa, applicants are a group of Afghans who worked for the US military in some form. Some 2,000 SIVs have been moved by the Biden administration thus far.

Carlson asserted that the media supports bringing in refugees because ‘they hate the population of the United States’.

Carlson said that 46 US senators – 43 Democrat and three Republican- reportedly called on the Biden Administration to ‘create a humanitarian parole category for Afghan women leaders, activists, judges and other public figures to quickly and efficiently relocate to the US’.

Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kemp was further criticized by Carlson for allowing refugees into the state.

Sean Parnell, a Senate candidate and US veteran, appeared on the show and agreed with Carlson’s concerns as he also felt that getting Americans out of Afghanistan should be the priority.

Parnell commented on his experiences in Afghanistan as one of them involved an Afghan interpreter that he and his men had knew and trusted for over a year.

The interpreter was reportedly involved with placing an IED mine that killed one of the men in Parnell’s platoon.

Parnell said: ‘Just because an Afghan works with us and is friends with us does not mean they are safe to bring here. This is precisely why we cannot bring 30,000 unvetted Afghan refugees to the United States of America.’ 

Carlson added: ‘Something happens in the brains- particularly these middle-aged Republican leaders, their brains go soft. Low testosterone may be part of the cause.’


Just like the illegals, he’ll see to it that the Afghans get welfare, housing and medical care at taxpayer expense.

A former FBI agent said that the Biden regime disseminated blank visa papers throughout Afghanistan, thus giving terrorists the chance to waltz right into the country.

God only knows how many of them are ISIS, al Qaeda, and Taliban terrorists. When they get in and commit more terrorist acts in America, the Dems and their media tools will blame “Islamophobia”.


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