Brilliant Speech by Rep. Walter Hudson: Why I Choose to Opt Out of ‘Pronouns’

Walter Hudson has served in the Minnesota House of Representatives since 2023. He represents District 30A in the northwestern Twin Cities metropolitan area. This was a speech he gave before the Minnesota House on 24 March 2023.

The Lefties filled their diapers.

This guy should be in Congress.


The meat of the dissertation starts at 11:30 into the video.

The Hill to Die On: Defending Kids from False “Identity”


Rep. Hudson comes from a world where common sense, work ethic, and merit means more than the sick, mentally deranged LGBTQ+ABCDEF moonbats who change their identity, pronouns, and body parts to match their mental illness. 

All that matters is skin color, concocted pronouns, ‘gender identity’, and group affiliation. Most of that insanity is driven by white liberals.




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