Britain to Give Benefits to Bin Laden Cohort?

Fuckin’ amazing.

One of the world’s most dangerous terror suspects was last night preparing for a life on benefits in Britain after judges ruled that his deportation would breach human rights law.

Abu Qatada, dubbed Osama Bin Laden’s “truly dangerous” ambassador in Europe, could be released from jail within months following the Court of Appeal verdict.

Yesterday’s decision has left Britain’s anti-terror laws in tatters. It means the Jordanian father of five – who has been linked to a string of global terror conspiracies and is held in a high security prison under immigration powers – can expect to receive £1,000 a month in handouts.

The taxpayer also faces a bill of tens of thousand of pounds to keep the hate-filled cleric under 24-hour surveillance by security services under a control order unless a last-ditch Home Office appeal is granted by the House of Lords. Even if it is, Qatada could appeal again, to the European Court of Human Rights.

Yesterday the Court of Appeal said Qatada could stay because evidence used against him in any prosecution in his native Jordan may have been obtained by torture – a breach of the European Convention on Human Rights.’s+’right-hand+man’+set+for+life+on+British+benefits+after+judges+rule+deportation+would+breach+his+human+rights/


Let me get this straight: a murderous muslim thug responsible for mass murder in the name of the ‘peaceful religion of Islam’, has been granted more rights and considerations than his victims?

Good going, England. If all goes well for this piece of shit, he should be plotting more attacks on your soil for some time to come:

Good luck.

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