British Government Gave Grant to Jihadist Website

Congratulations, Britain. You’re one step closer to Dhimmihood.

An Islamic website which backs suicide bombers got a £35,000 Government grant – a month before the anniversary of the 7/7 attacks. carries dozens of rants by fanatics on its “support group” site.

One member wrote of suicide missions: “If you can blow dozens of people up at the same time, great, absolutely great.”

And in another vile message a member PRAISED a beheading video of British hostage Ken Bigley.

It said: “I like the beheading videos of the prisoners of war – especially the Daniel Pearl and Ken Bigley one.”

But the Department for Communities and Local Government agreed to fund the group’s film on problems faced by UK Muslims.

A spokesman said: “We can’t prevent violent extremism if we aren’t prepared to talk about the issues.”

VIPs will see the film in London tomorrow, including Cabinet minister Hazel Blears.

Rizwan Hussain, of Muslimyouth. net, said: “We’re conscious of a few people venting anger on our site. If there was a direct threat made we would alert authorities.”

Four suicide bombers killed 52 people in the 2005 7/7 London attacks.


1. ‘Talking about the issues’ (READ: Placating Islamic thugs) will not prevent their violence. They depend on weak governments to ‘talk’ the whole time they’re blowing up the ‘infidel’.

2. Hussain’s idea of a ‘direct threat’ obviously doesn’t include the incitement on his webpage which led to the London attacks.

But you keep funding them, Labor Party. The next time it won’t be just busses and subway trains.

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