British Parliament Slams Biden: He May Have Condemned the World to ChiCom Domination

Wanna bet the Brits could use some “mean tweets” about now?

Daily Wire

Numerous members of the British Parliament slammed President Joe Biden this week in response to the catastrophe the president created in Afghanistan with his disastrous pullout and handling of the situation.

The remarks came on Wednesday from members in the House of Lords, which is one of the two chambers in the British Parliament.

Members blamed Biden for the situation and shamed him for trying to cast blame on others, including the Afghan military. Many of the members said that America’s image was seriously damaged around the world and the West could suffer greatly in the years to come because nations may no longer trust the West to keep its promises.

The following are just some of the things that members of the British Parliament said about Biden:

Lord Dannatt: “First, notwithstanding his attempted explanation on Monday, the manner and timing of the Afghan collapse is the direct result of President Biden’s decision to withdraw all US forces from Afghanistan by the 20th anniversary of 9/11. At a stroke, he has undermined the patient and painstaking work of the last five, 10, 15 years to build up governance in Afghanistan, develop its economy, transform its civil society and build up its security forces. The people had a glimpse of a better life, but that has been torn away. With US forces withdrawing, other NATO allies, including ourselves, had no option but to leave too, denying the Afghan national army the technical and training support that it needed and the moral support of friends who encouraged them to take the fight to the Taliban. Until a few weeks ago, the Taliban was being contained and may even have been persuaded over time that a military victory was impossible and a negotiated settlement was the better course. Those possibilities are now a closed chapter of history, an opportunity lost, and the world’s western superpower is looking enfeebled. The only glimmer of hope today is that the Taliban of 2021 is not the Taliban of 2001.”


These are the same Euros who couldn’t wait for President Trump to leave office, because he put America first and reversed Obama’s damage. 

Biden’s display of bizarre behavior and his bumbling at the G7 should have sent up a huge red flag to the Western leaders. As it is, the ChiComs are having a field day with his ineptitude and fatuous policies.

Our allies shake their heads and our enemies laugh their asses off.  They got the White House regime they wanted, complete with disastrous consequences.

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  1. John D. Egbert

    And, once again the Euros prove their mettle — by always being thee when they need us . . .

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