British Royal Marines Make Mincemeat Out of U.S. Marines During ‘Battle of the Mojave Desert’ Exercise

Sky News

Royal Marines and allies forced US troops to surrender days into a training exercise at an enormous battleground facility in the California desert.

The Ministry of Defence explained that the battle exercise was testing the deployment of the new Littoral Response Group (LRG) in a guerrilla war-fighting facility on the west coast of America against well-equipped US Marine Corps opponents.

But during a five-day exercise, the culmination of two months of training in the Mojave Desert, the US Marine Corps asked for a “reset” after the Royal Marines dominated the battle, reported The Daily Telegraph.

The LRG is one of two new Royal Navy task groups focused on commando forces that are able to respond to world events, with one to be based in Europe and another in Oman, focused on military threats east of the Suez Canal.

LRG South, the Oman-based force, proved victorious in a five-day operation known as Green Dagger, which saw allies from the US, Canada, UAE, and the Netherlands take on the Marine Corps.

The commandos proved superior to the US Marine Corps while conducting their exercises at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center at Twentynine Palms, a sprawling training ground covering an area similar in size to Luxembourg.

The exercise focused on three urban sprawls defended by allied forces, the largest of which is comprised of 1,200 buildings that have been purpose-built for military exercises.

The LRG won decisive battles early on, according to the Royal Navy, but soon found the Marine Corps pushing into allied territory.

To counter the advance, commandos and allies carried out raids behind enemy lines, infiltrating the US Marine Corps’ position and striking assets critical to the US defense and ability to coordinate their own attacks.


There are reasons why this happened.

While the Biden regime has the Pentagon pushing the “woke” shit instead of focusing on combat readiness, our enemies are laughing their asses off.  According to the White House hijacker, servicemembers are just a discharge away from being “white supremacists”.  Troops are subjected to “white privilege” briefings and watching their Commanders kiss muzzie ass over “disrespect to the Quran”.  A DOD employee sent out an email declaring MAGA to be “white supremacy” and an Army Lieutenant Colonel at Ft. Campbell sent out an email accusing Christians and patriots of being “hate groups”.

Instead of honing warfighting skills, West Point cadets are being pummeled with “Critical Race Theory” bullshit. One of the instructors forced cadets to call cops “murderers”.

The military brass are part of a new leftwing cabal infecting the ranks with policies that eviscerate warrior ethos and make the armed forces into pusillanimous mush. They are disloyal to the country and the military. Warrior ethos has been replaced by psychobabble and corrupt social engineering.  The military is supposed to train to fight and win the nations wars, understand enemy tactics and study great military strategists ( i.e. von Clausewitz, Patton, Sun Tsu), not drive a wedge between troops with manufactured hate.

The military is in tatters with a sideshow of the “diversity” and “inclusiveness” of gender and race identity fruitcakes.

God help us if we get into a full scale war under this regime.

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