Brown University Student: ROTC ‘Criminals’ Should be Banned From Campus

Peter Maklouf, a student at Brown University, vented his spleen in a recent OpEd at the Brown Daily Herald.  He reflects the entrenched beliefs and morals of college-level leftwing academic intelligentsia. In his article, he regurgitated the standard tripe about ‘militarism on campus’, citing Brown’s “rich anti-military, anti-war history…with pride”.

He’s aghast at the opportunity for students to “be exposed to all potential military careers” and that the “faculty endorsed a resolution to create a partnership between Brown’s campus and the Navy and Air Force ROTC programs.”

He also draws a correlation between military technology and the equipping of police departments with tear gas, tanks, riot gear, and crowd incapacitating sound and electromagnetic waves.

‘Militarization of the police’ has more to do with the policies of local law enforcement than technology.

He proposes doing away with “systems of indoctrination on our campus that classes such as ROTC would offer.”  Seriously?  Communist and Islamofascist indoctrination in American educational systems from K-12 to college, are part of a left wing-driven curriculum, but Maklouf has his panties in a knot over patriotic military institutions on his college campus.

Some comments at the Brown Daily Herald site:

As one who served, I have this to say to you: those of us who have served or are serving made the choice to serve. We did this because there are evils out there that must be fought and only a select few will answer that call. We serve so you can choose not to. We sacrifice our present and future so you don’t have to. We sacrifice sleep so yours can be safe and sound. We sacrifice our voice so you can raise yours. We fight the enemy in THEIR land so you remain safe from the atrocities of war. We sacrifice parts of our freedoms so you will ALWAYS have ALL OF yours. Given the choice, most of us would do it all again….even if it was just for you. You’re welcome.


Brown should feel embarrassed with their name attached to this kid’s piece. Poor structure, weak transitions, and childish emotion plague his writing. It’s the same writing that enthralls weak minded individuals to divert from healthy dialogue in lieu of reason. He pulls his supporting arguments from “fashionable” headline articles and fails to cite any governing sources.

From personal experience, I’ve found ROTC to be made of the “best and brightest” of Boston University. Their “militant” ethos is better phrased as structured. Reporting early to class, dressing appropriately, preserving professional formalities are examples of just a few elements within ROTCs structured ethos that raise the bar for educational institutions nationwide.

It’s a real shame that one student, probably hopped up on red bulls and monsters while glued to MSNBC for three days straight, has to share his impossibly oversimplified personal opinion in a manner that potentially hurts the amazing strides ROTC has made within institutions across the country and beyond.

Conservative students at Brown commented that they usually suppress their opinions for fear of getting bad grades from hostile leftwing professors and violent reactions from leftwing militant students. So much for free speech on campus.

There’s always a fundamental disconnect when you try to explain patriotism, service, and love of country to liberals; they always project their own motivations onto those who serve in the military.  They can’t understand things like Duty, Honor, Country, following the example of others who served,  and giving something back to the nation that’s given so much to every one of us. It takes guts and dedication that a relative fraction of the population will ever know. While most of America takes a pass, only a few raise the right hand.

The Left has a long-standing visceral hatred of the military, and believe me, the feelings are mutual.

Maklouf is gonna be a real contribution to the leftwing fringe demographic when he graduates.

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2 thoughts on “Brown University Student: ROTC ‘Criminals’ Should be Banned From Campus”

  1. Wndcaller22

    Every university that opposes our national defense, attacks our military and practices anti Semitism can be linked to the Soros foundation, and his anti American campaign. Someone needs to investigate. Davis University with it’s recent boycott of Israel and swastika’s on the Jewish dorm is also funded by the Soros foundation.

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