Bubba Clinton Held Private Party on Epstein’s Pedo Island

Via Gateway Pundit

Over two thousand court previously sealed court documents involving the Jeffrey Epstein child sex abuse case were released this week and are now available.

Democrat Senator George Mitchell and Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson (Democrat) were also named in the documents.

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In July investigative reporter Conchita Sarnoff, the author of “Trafficking” on the Jeffrey Epstein case, joined Shannon Bream and said Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s plane 27 times and ALMOST EVERY TIME that Clinton was on the plane there were underage girls on the plane.

Unsealed document: Former ‘sex slave’ says she met Al Gore through Epstein’s close aide:

“A woman who claims she was a sex slave for billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein says she met former vice president Al Gore, according to documents unsealed on Friday.

The documents were made public Friday after a U.S. Court of Appeals upheld a lower court decision to make public more than 2,000 pages of court filings in a since-settled 2015 defamation case brought by Virginia Roberts against Epstein confidant and aide Ghislaine Maxwell.”

……Maxwell, 57, is the former girlfriend of Epstein, 66, who is said by Epstein’s employees to run his household, The Telegraph reported.


The FBI raided the island after Epstein was murdered killed himself.


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1 thought on “Bubba Clinton Held Private Party on Epstein’s Pedo Island”

  1. Just look at his despicable history with women and it’s very hard to believe ole Peroni Dick didn’t enjoy a little “play time” with Jeffries Kids. Innocent until proven guilty,this low life scum bucket hopefully is about to run out of people that will cover his worthless ass. He and the Sea Hag both need to be in orange jumpsuits.

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