Buffalo New York Business Owners Stand Up to Cuomo’s Storm Troopers

Business owners in Buffalo, New York fed up with the authoritarian COVID lockdown orders asserted their Constitutional rights and kicked out Cuomo’s minions on Friday night.

This happened when 50 business owners gathered inside of a shuttered gym in Buffalo, New York Friday night.

Two sheriffs and a ‘health inspector’ showed up to harass the group in response to an “anonymous tip.”

The business owners shouted them down and kicked them out, telling them to come back with a warrant.

Buffalo News:




Americans by nature are rebellious. We don’t like our liberties being stepped on; by anyone.

When government goons try to use the threat of force and violence against citizens to push an agenda, citizens fight back.

We are fed up with the bullshit.

Get back to work and on with your lives.


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