Business Owners Bring Class Action Suit Against DeWine: ‘He took a ‘sledgehammer’ to Ohio’s economy’

Good. I hope they win.

Fox8 News

Nine Ohio dance studios, including four in Northeast Ohio, have filed a class action suit against the State of Ohio, Gov. Mike DeWine, former Ohio Department of Health director Dr. Amy Acton, Attorney General David Yost, Interim ODH Director Lance Himes, and local health commissioners.

The class action says the facilities are owed monetary compensation because of what it claims are unconstitutional orders against mass gatherings, deeming which services are essential, the Stay at Home order, and the state’s guidelines for dance facilities to operate due to the coronavirus pandemic.

……The suit claims Dr. Acton refused a records request for COVID-19 model predictions.

It claims:

“A mere 670 deaths for non-highly susceptible Ohioans, among 11,747,694 Ohioans, represents a mere .000057 (0.0057%), no justification to destroy Ohio’s economy;

Acton and DeWine through their fraudulent and misleading modeling predicated a potential of 160,000 COVID 19 cases per day, but the maximum number reached about 1,600 per day, a gross understatement of 100 times…”

……“Acton and DeWine has used a “sledge hammer” to kill the Ohio economy through their unconstitutional actions, destroying the Ohio economy, and destroying the constitutional rights of all Ohioans, individuals and businesses, outside of Nursing Homes and Jails, when Acton and DeWine should have used a “scalpel and a knife” to delicately slice and dice the COVID 19.”


In May, a state judge ruled that DeWine’s draconian lockdowns exceeded the powers granted by the statute under which it was imposed.

As soon as state and local officials realized they could commit constitutional violations of civil liberties and get away with it, they quickly held a competition to see which one could do the worst.

Every single government official who engaged in this criminal misconduct should be held accountable.

This country was shut down over a virus with a 98% recovery rate. 26 million Americans are now unemployed.  People lost their jobs, homes, livelihoods, and businesses because of this induced panic. The economic impact will take years to overcome.
The coronavirus will come and go. But the government will never forget how easy it was to take control of your life; to control every event, restaurant, sports facility, classroom, church, and even if you are allowed to leave your house.

Remember that if the government tries to pull another manufactured crisis.



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