Businesses Leave Rustbelt for Sunbelt

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First up was NCR, the famed, 125-year-old cash register company that moved its headquarters from Dayton, Ohio, to Duluth last June.

Then came Fischbein, which announced in July that Suwanee, not Cleveland, would be the site for a new production line.

Finally, earlier this month, aluminum can maker Novelis quit Cleveland and moved its North American headquarters to Buckhead.

For those keeping score: Atlanta 3, Ohio 0.

And that’s just in the last eight months.

Poaching business from the Rust Belt isn’t a new phenomenon. Midwest companies have been heading to the Sun Belt for decades to take advantage of balmy weather, tax breaks and non-union workers.

……While the loss of NCR, in particular, sticks in Ohio officials’ craws, they outwardly profess no strong animus toward business-stealing Atlanta.

“No one company moving from one place to another is a body blow,” Mark Barbash, chief economic development officer for the state of Ohio, said Monday. “Everybody looks at Ohio as the Rust Belt; we have to get rid of that impression. The whole national economy is in transition.”

The problem with that mindset is that the country as a whole needs manufacturing jobs to maintain a healthy economy.  Corporations have outsourced to foreign countries for the same reason that NCR moved to Atlanta: a business-friendly environment.  Companies provide employment and raise the standard of living in communities. That’s something the Dems can’t wrap their minds around without destroying the economy or their neighborhoods.

6 thoughts on “Businesses Leave Rustbelt for Sunbelt”

  1. SFC MAC – I hear you. As you well know these programs were instituted by LBJ and have bloated and grown new offshoots at an insane rate these past 45 years and have become a de facto reparations for slavery of the past and a way of the Dems furthering slavery. Whites need not apply. This is the modern racism as practiced by the left.

    There was an scree in last Saturday’s NYT,, on the disproportionate percentage of abortions by blacks when compared to their percentage of the overall population. In 2005 the rate for whites was 13.6 per 1,000 women, 21.9 for others and 49.3 for blacks. The message, and the disproportionate comments, was a mixed bag the conservatives trying to either enslave black women with unwanted births but refusing to subsidize them and conservatives seeking to commit genocide by placing a disproportionate number of family planning clinics in black neighborhoods.

    Talk about eating your cake and having it too! It was interesting to see the hypocrisy of the elitists as they fell all over themselves to excuse the behavior of blacks because they are uneducated [ignorant] in birth control options and the fact that FREE condoms, etc. were not made available and sex education is not available in schools because nasty Christians, conservatives, etc. are to blame.

    Excuse me for LMAO! At about a dollar a pop (excuse the pun) condoms are not exactly a budget buster for anyone. Even then, there are more than enough free outlets – especially in black neighborhoods!

    To continue to infantalize anyone is a grave disservice. To do it to blacks is to use the same tactics as a crack dealer in exchange for votes. To see clearly through this intentionally muddied water there is a simple question to ask, Cui bono (who benefits)?

    1. DVL-NYC,

      For a long time, I could never quite figure that out. With so many cheap forms of birth control, why would anyone have almost a dozen kids they can’t afford, without regard to the economic impact on society and the working population? Any free clinic in a local neighborhood will hand out condoms by the handfuls. They don’t even have to go to the drug store. I think after observing the mindset all these years I came to a simple conclusion: It’s a status symbol of sorts. They think having illegitimate children in spite of their poverty, is a wonderful thing. And besides, the welfare office is right downtown.

      SFC MAC

  2. butt neckid

    SARG…..the last sentence in you reply to DVL-NYC……

    NEVER FRIGGIN’ HAPPEN…….when you can get sumpin’ fo nuttin’…
    you’ll work yo’ ass off fo’ mo free stuff…….

    it’s like the person we all have known who works harder getting out of work
    than the actual work……

    heeey where is my free cheese?????????……..

    1. butt,

      Very true. It’s easier for the professional welfare crowd to get a free ride than actually work. They know how to use the system. They brag about it. In my grandparents and my mother’s day, that sort of thing was looked upon as a shameful last resort. My mom had to use public housing and food stamps once. She cried all the way there and back. She vowed that she would never pass it on to her kids and that one time is where it would stop. All of her able-bodied kids worked. I have two disabled siblings; one is mentally retarded, the other has learning disabilities. They collect SSI, but they still work.

      I asked for HEAP (heating assistance) once, and was turned down because the amount of my Army pension, which really isn’t much, put me over the limit for assistance. I took a good look around when I was in the HEAP office. You wouldn’t believe the assorted lazy asses that always get the help. Now mind you, I take care of my mentally retarded sister and the family home. It’s a struggle, but we get by. You ought to see the letter I wrote them. I’ll send it via hotmail.

      SFC MAC

  3. Your reversal of the order of importance and leaving out other considerations misleads. The reasons are better said 1) a better educated, less entitled non-union labor pool, 2) less onerous tax burden 3) lower overall costs.

    The liberal mindset cannot and will not get this because they are hidebound in their elitist theories and refuse to cut back spending on their pet social programs. The implied racism of their policies refuses to acknowledge that hungry people will find work and struggle to do better. Forty-five and counting years after the ‘Great Society” programs of LBJ are we really any better for it or has it become the new slavery?

    1. DVL-NYC,

      I know all too well about the liberal/Democrat mindset and how it lays waste to a town’s economy. I’ve seen what happens to union-controlled manufacturing businesses.

      I’ve said this before and it bears repeating: For decades the Democrats have depended on the “victimized” minority segment of American society. They want those victims, moreover, they need those victims. If the poor and minorities ever woke up to the fact that their purpose in life is to function as tools for the democratic machine, an entire voting bloc would disintegrate.

      SFC MAC

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