California Pre-School Teacher: ‘Childhood Innocence’ is a Myth, Teaches ‘Sexuality’ to Toddlers

The FBI needs to check the computer hard drives of this sicko for child porn.

Post Millennial

William “Willy” Villalpando


California pre-kindergarten teacher and professor of early childhood development has publicly espoused the disturbing views that childhood innocence is a “myth,” arguing that babies have sexual “preferences” at as early as three months old, and that not having conversations about “queerness” with toddlers is “very white, Christian, upper-class, cis-gendered, and hetero-centric.”

William “Willy” Villalpando, who taught pre-k from 2016 through at least June 2021 in the Rialto Unified School District according to the latest date California updated teacher records, also teaches a class on early childhood development at Santa Ana College, according to Fox News.

On his Instagram account, which has since been deleted after Fox’s report, Villalpando posted about his mission to destroy the idea that children are too innocent to learn about sexuality and gender-queer topics.

Under the username “mrwilly_prek,” the early childhood educator wrote, “There is a common mythology that children live in this world of pure innocence, and that by introducing or exposing them to the real-world adults are somehow shattering this illusion for them. Therefore, there is a banning of topics and issues that children should not be exposed to, as if they are not experiencing them already.”

In another instance of denouncing the innocence of children, Villalpando said “I’m tired of the ‘Childhood Innocence’ argument… Stop blaming a phenomenon that doesn’t exist.”

The teacher also denigrated the popular stance that young kids shouldn’t be taught about sexuality, labeling the view as “very white, Christian, upper-class, cis-gendered, and hetero-centric.”

According to Villalpando, “Not talking about Queerness in the Classroom, is NOT Letting Children be Children. It’s Telling Those people They Do Not Deserve to Exist,.”

“Kids are never too young” to learn about “queerness,” the teacher declared.

……In a statement to Fox News, Rancho Santiago Community College District, which offers adult education certificates through Santa Ana College, asserted that they do “not condone any form of attack on ‘childhood innocence.'”

“Our RSCCD community college courses in Child Development and Education Studies do not address nor teach gender studies,” the community college district stated.

……The preschool instructor also said that if parents didn’t want to talk about certain mature topics with their children, it was up to teachers such as himself to have those discussions that “may make others uncomfortable.”

In other words, a deviant sociopath will discuss adult sexuality with little kids if the parents don’t.

……”I can assure you Mr. Villalpando would not be anywhere near my pre-K child,” wrote one Twitter user. “@SantaAnaCollege should take a closer look at his activities. Childhood innocence is something that should be respected. Stop forcing gender and sexuality on them.”

“In other words, they’re going to sexualize your child and make them Social Justice Warriors,” wrote another commenter.

This shit is going on throughout the school system.

“Gender identity” and all the insane concocted ‘pronouns’ did not originate with kids or mentally stable people. Kids don’t think of that shit on their own.  It started with unhinged lunatics who pushed this abnormal behavior in the media and in schools.  They’re all about grooming and ‘gender identity’ indoctrination for kids.

Children don’t have the capacity to understand the complexities of sex or the perverted projections of the Left. It’s up to the parents to monitor the subject matter and the teaching methods being used in schools.

Draw the line and raise hell if it’s crossed.

Every one of these degenerates should be forced out of the educational system and charged with child abuse.




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