California Takes Batshit Crazy to a New Level: ‘Trangender’ Bathrooms for K-12

The moonbats in California have just signed into law a regulation that allows children to use bathrooms based on their “gender identity”, regardless of the gender noted in their birth certificates.

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a controversial bill into law Monday afternoon allowing the state’s transgender public school students to choose which bathrooms they use and whether they participate in boy or girl sports.

The law would cover the state’s 6.2 million elementary and high school kids in public schools.

……While California is the first state to pass a law of this magnitude, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Washington and Colorado have all adopted policies designed to protect transgendered pupils.

Not everyone is on board.

Opponents of the bill say allowing students of one gender to use facilities intended for the other could invade the other students’ privacy.

Randy Thomasson, of, says the law would “damage” kids.

“This radical bill warps the gender expectations of children by forcing all California public schools to permit biological boys in girls restrooms, showers, clubs and on girls sports teams and biological girls in boys restrooms, showers, clubs and sports teams,” Thomasson said. “This is insanity.”

Insanity is an understatement.


Children don’t have the capacity to understand the complexities of sex, gender, or the asinine projections of the Left. California is rife with illegal aliens, poverty, gangs, massive debt, bankruptcy, outrageous taxes, and businesses are fleeing Brown’s anti-capitalist regime like crazy.

But all they seem to be concerned about is shit like creating transgendered restrooms for children.

California’s reputation as an enclave for the leftwingnut fringe is well deserved.

Their educational system pushes communist agenda,  “gay history”, disrespect for the American flag,  pro-muslim terrorism, and tuition and criminal facilitation for illegal aliens.

Their mayors snubbed veterans to hang out with “Occupy Wall Street” punks.  And the all-out attack on monied citizens has caused a mass exodus of wealthy business owners.

This is more than stupid.  Use the bathroom that correlates with your genitals until you are old enough to have surgery that accommodates your inner ‘identity’.  I’m sick of the government forcing us to comply with the fabricated “rights” of a minority at the expense of common sense and decency.

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8 thoughts on “California Takes Batshit Crazy to a New Level: ‘Trangender’ Bathrooms for K-12”

    1. No, they don’t. Leftwing perverts always project their own ideology on kids, with disastrous results.
      Sick fucks like you think that’s perfectly normal.

      SFC MAC

      1. How is gender identity perverted? Why do you act like a child and go “nuhhuh” in front of evidence?

        “This is more than stupid. Use the bathroom that correlates with your genitals until you are old enough to have surgery that accommodates your inner ‘identity’. ”

        Why do you think they need surgery? Not everyone gets it:

        “I’m sick of the government forcing us to comply with the fabricated “rights” of a minority at the expense of common sense and decency.”

        So you think genatalia determines gender? You think forcing people to claim an identity they don’t want is fair? Hypocrite.

          1. Define sexualization. Because you think teaching acceptance of other gender identities or sexuality equates towards encouraging children to have sex and not reduce bullying and abuse:,33&as_vis=1#d=gs_qabs&t=1666373510791&u=%23p%3D9QcUWMEQtsUJ

            How is anything in the article on this page sexualizing or grooming children by letting kids express their gender identity?

            Why can’t you answer that without thinking about sex acts?

          2. *Yawn*.

            Well, it’s been fun reading and responding to your selective spews and triggered outrage over facts that collide with your radical leftie ideology, but I’ve wasted enough time.

            Your comments reflect an amoral nihilist bankrupt of any redeeming value.  So typical of the radical left; latching on to anything that supports your psychotic ideas, regardless of reality.  “You’re lying” and posting citations from leftwing sites like DailyKos and Think Progress speaks volumes.  They share your unhinged, dysfunctional views.  You’re clearly suffering from “gender dysfunction” yourself if you can’t tell the difference between male and female, regardless of the concocted pronouns. 

            The whole “gender identity” circus is out of control. Newsflash, cupcake: Bruce (“Caitlyn”) Jenner, Richard (“Rachel”) Levine, and Sam Brinton, Biden’s Dept. of Energy drag queen, can put on dresses, high heels,  and all the makeup they want, but the Y Chromosome is still embedded in their DNA.

            Your obsession with exposing children to porn, indoctrinating them with bizarre pronouns, pushing “gender identity”, and promoting genital mutilation for “affirmation” is a clear sign of a sick, depraved mind. That’s not “acceptance”. That’s sick. The Left has incorporated grooming, sex acts, and porn into children’s curriculum.
            Considering the modern Dem party, you’re in good company. There are too many of you breathing precious oxygen. Don’t ever reproduce. Seriously.

            Time to put you in the dumpster of discarded assclowns.


            SFC MAC

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