Homeland Security

Obama’s Muslim Contingent

Secretary of State Jay Dardenne said Tuesday he will meet today with a Democrat-affiliated group responsible for a voter registration effort that is inundating East Baton Rouge and other parish registrars with bogus and incomplete applications. Dardenne said his investigators are trying to determine if any state election laws have been violated as thousands of […]

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A Caliphate School in Virginia

Private schools funded by Islamic thugs are popping up in the United States, teaching kids all about jihad, with the government’s approval: Textbooks at a private Islamic school in northern Virginia teach students that it is permissible for Muslims to kill adulterers and converts from Islam, according to a federal investigation released Wednesday. Other passages

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GW Orders Government Contractors to Hire Legal Workers

President Bush has signed an executive order requiring contractors and others who do business with the federal government to make sure their employees can legally work in the U.S. Bush signed the order Friday and the White House announced it Monday. The federal government has had some embarrassing moments when illegal workers have been discovered

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Chinese Illegals Caught in Texas

La Joya, Texas Local police are accustomed to dealing with illegal border crossings but were astounded by the video of 15 Chinese immigrants unfolding themselves from the back of a sport-utility vehicle near this small border town. Immigration officials are seeing fewer Chinese immigrants along the U.S.-Mexico border. The SUV appeared abandoned when police rolled

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A Jihadist in North Carolina

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — In a quiet, upscale neighborhood in Charlotte, N.C., rows of custom-style homes and neatly landscaped lawns represent the American dream. But one local resident has shattered that image, calling for the death of American troops in Iraq and supporting Al Qaeda through his Web site, which he reportedly runs from his parents’

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