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The New Republic Closes the Book on Beauchamp

Franklin Foer, the publisher who stuck with the faux Baghdad diarist Army PVT Scott Beauchamp, even after numerous rebuttals from military and former military personnel detailed the flaws in his wild assed stories, finally surfaced long enough to “recant”. For those who don’t remember the debacle, this is a brief synopsis: The New Republic published …

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The “Homegrown Terrorism Prevention” Act

A Democrat, of all people, has actually introduced a type of Homeland Security legislation that will assist and enable Federal agencies to ferret out terrorist cells and individuals in this country. It was introduced by Rep. Jane Harman [D-CA] and passed the House with a bi-partisan vote. It has now gone to the Senate. Co-Sponsors: …

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Leftie Online Newspapers Camouflage Un-PC Comments

More deceptive practices on the part of Leftist rags was uncovered by “JimJams” at Investigate the Media blogspot: The San Francisco Chronicle deceives its readers through comment-deletion trickery [UPDATE 1, Sat., 11-24-07, 12:30pm: Software Exec Brags About Crypto-Deletion Feature; see below. [UPDATE 2, Sat., 11-24-07, 2:20pm: Reader Documents “Graylist” of Banned SFGate Users Who Don’t …

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Hillary’s Ongoing Campaign Scandals

The trail of illegal campaign donations and cover-ups just keeps growing. Chinese/Indonesian agents John Huang, Charlie Trie, and James Riady, helped purchase Bubba’s 1996 election and it looks like the Hildabeast is picking up where he left off. First, there’s wealthy Chinese waiters: Link: Then Norman Hsu: Link: Favors for pardons: Three recipients …

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Associated Press Terrorist Employee Finally Charged

After over a year and a half of incarceration, this puke is finally charged with aiding and abetting terrorists: WASHINGTON (AFP) — The US military has filed a formal complaint with an Iraqi criminal court accusing a detained, award-winning Associated Press photographer of being a “terrorist media operative,” the Pentagon said Monday. Geoff Morrell, the …

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