CBS Reporter: ‘Gee, Glad the Americans Didn’t Take me Hostage.’

What a jackass.

CBS News journalist Richard Butler said he believes he was kidnapped in Iraq by policemen with sympathies toward the Hezbollah but isn’t entirely sure who held him captive for two months or why.

Butler, a British journalist kidnapped with his interpreter on Feb. 10, was rescued by Iraqi troops on April 14 when he was found with a sack over his head in a house in Basra.

He was taken from a hotel room in Basra, where he was on a trip to meet the chief of staff for anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, Butler told CBS News’ Allen Pizzey. Portions of the interview were being shown on the “CBS Evening News” on Monday.

Men wearing police fatigue uniforms and armed with AK-47’s hustled him out of the room and into a car. He was first taken to a police station in Basra and then was held in different places – including three nights where he was sealed into a small room between two walls, he said.

He said he tried not to be belligerent and make a human connection with his captors.

Must be instananeous Stockholm Syndrome.

“Straight away you assess the situation,” he said. “I am standing there, in front of these eight guys with AK-47s, and I am in a pair of underpants and a T-shirt. The odds are not in my favor. so there is no point in trying to do anything heroic or stupid.”


While he was held, he heard a lot of Hezbollah propaganda video and Hezbollah ringtones on mobile phones, but he can’t be sure his captors were affiliated with the organization.

Then who were they? Israelis?

Butler said he felt it was better to be kidnapped in Iraq then taken into custody by Americans in Afghanistan.

“I was pleased I wasn’t being mortarboarded in Guantanamo or being held for six and a half years like an Al-Jazeera cameraman, for instance,” he said.


Mortarboarded?  The limey fuck can’t even get his terms straight. If you’re going to insult American troops, use the correct description.

The fuzznuts says he lost 42 pounds and all he had to eat was a tangerine and 4 hard boiled eggs.

The Islamic scumbags at GITMO get 3 hots, a cot, prayer time, frequent showers, and clean surroundings. They usually gain  weight.

Congratulations, CBS. You’ve added another item to your stupid column.

Meanwhile, Nick Berg and Daniel Pearl are unavailable for comment.

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  1. Thanks for adding at the end of your post a comment about Nick Berg and Daniel Pearl. This guy can think anything he wants to about supposed “torture”, but we don’t slowly hacksaw the heads off of innocent people or guilty people for that matter. The Iraqis should have left him.

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