Charles Blow Ripped for Labeling Black Commentator as Part of Tea Party “Minstrel Show”

Charles Blow, one of The New York Times’ resident leftwing hacks, has picked a fight with the wrong guy.

Alphonzo Rachel, aka “Zo”, is a conservative commentator and member of the Tea Party.  He has leveled both barrels at Blow’s caricature of him as part of a ‘minstrel show’:

I reckon Laura Ingraham didn’t leave much left of Charles Blow’s behind left after callin’ him out on his bigoted comments concerning the Tea Party in Grand Prairie, Tex. I still gotta respond though! Not only were his comments bigoted, but he lied! (No surprise there.) He even threw in the lie that, during my speech I said that bringing a senator aboard Air Force One is unconstitutional, and that taxing cigarettes is unconstitutional. I wonder if he was even there!

If there was any bigotry at the Tea Party, he brought it with him, since the only thing he saw was a minstrel show.


Catch all of Zo’s video commentaries here:

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This is a transcript of Laura Ingraham giving Blow a verbal beating:

LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: So, what was the worst display of overt racism that you witnessed?

CHARLES BLOW, NEW YORK TIMES: I didn’t say I had witnessed any overt…

INGRAHAM: You called it a minstrel show, Charles. Those are kind of loaded terms, don’t you think?

BLOW: Did I say that I had witnessed any overt racism at…

INGRAHAM: What’s a minstrel, what’s a minstrel show?

BLOW: What is racism to you, Laura?

INGRAHAM: No, the other way around where racism is someone…

BLOW: What is racism to you, Laura?

INGRAHAM: You know what I think is racism? I think racism is someone who judges another person based on the color of his or her skin without knowing anything about the individual, without talking to the individual, without interviewing the individual, without having a conversation with the individual.

Blow continued to sidestep Ingraham’s direct questions with Pelosi-esque skill :

INGRAHAM: Why are we on GQ magazine? Why aren’t we on the Tea Party. I’m interested in how you came to the conclusion that this was a minstrel show and you’re avoiding the topic by going to a Michael Steele interview. Why?

BLOW: Because you’re trying to pretend that racism does not exist, and…

INGRAHAM: Did I say that? When did I say that?

BLOW: Did I say that I saw any racism, overt racism at the conference? That’s not what I, did I write that? Did you read that somewhere? Or are you making that up?

INGRAHAM: “Thursday night I saw a political minstrel show devised for the entertainment of those on the rim of obliviousness…” Now, I like the sentence because it’s well-written, but what I don’t understand is what is an acceptable minstrel show then, a non-racist minstrel show?

BLOW: That is, that is a ridiculous question? What does that even mean?

INGRAHAM: Actually it’s a, actually it’s a good question, and it points out the absurdity of your column, because you would have written this column regardless of what you saw.

BLOW: You’re really a, are you serious? Is that a real question?

INGRAHAM: So, in other words you can’t answer the question.

BLOW: Is that a real question?

INGRAHAM: You said you’re not describing this as overtly racist. I quoted your column back to you, and your response is to say, “Is that really a question?” I don’t, we had you on because I actually was interested to hear why you came away from this column, this event, as calling it a minstrel show. And you can’t answer that question which I find disturbing for a New York Times columnist.

Like most other leftwing assclowns, Blow simply cowered when confronted with his vile, race-baiting, stupidity.  Kudos to Rachel and Ingraham for making mincemeat of his fraudulent bullshit.

Keep in mind that the Left will go to any length to discredit and denigrate any opposition to government expansion and higher taxes. Those things just don’t sit well with the Statist effetes.

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