Cheney Continues to Pound Obama’s (Mis) Handling of National Security/Iraq, Afghanistan War

Give em’ hell, Dick.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney, in an exclusive appearance on ABC News’ “This Week,” offered a sharp critique of the Obama administration’s handling of national security and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, saying any achievements over the past year largely stemmed from policies implemented under President George W. Bush.

“If [the administration is] going to take credit for [Iraq’s success], fair enough … but it ought to come with a healthy dose of ‘Thank you, George Bush’ up front and a recognition that some of their early recommendations with respect to prosecuting that war were just dead wrong,” Cheney told ABC News’ Jonathan Karl.

……”Obama and Biden campaigned from one end of the country to the other for two years criticizing our Iraq policy,” Cheney said. “If they had had their way, if we’d followed the policies they’d pursued from the outset or advocated from the outset, Saddam Hussein would still be in power in Baghdad today.”

Cheney scoffed at Biden’s claim that Iraq would be one of Obama’s “greatest achievements.” He also reamed the Obama administration for Mirandizing terrorists and planning to close GITMO.

Obama has to be pushed into taking action by a public angered with his lackadaisical approach to “man-caused disasters” and “overseas contingency operations”.

George Bush left Obama a winning hand in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He’ll fuck it up unless we stay on his nary little ass to let the military finish the job.

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