Chicago Thuggery on Rahm’s Behalf

Hey, you stop buggin’ mio amico or else.

Via Big Journalism.

We’ve often said that the media “protects” President Obama but this video from WIND radio host and Big Blogs contributor William Kelly shows this allegation literally.

Kelly, a Chicagoan, was there when Rahm Emanuel was pressing the flesh, kissing babies, and greeting reporters. Emanuel didn’t account for unassuming Kelly to fire off serious journalistic questions more pressing than the requisite “how’s it feel to be back?”

Kelly didn’t account for was the manner in which Chicago reporters behaved. Are these reporters or palace guards? In the video you see them physically move to shield Emanuel from Kelly’s questioning, as though their backs alone would deflect the questions. Kelly is berated and shoved by mainstream media journalists, but the scene stealer is when CBS2’s Jay Levine (who has not responded to my requests for comment) screams at Kelly, “Let him finish or I’m gonna deck you!”

Fireworks begin at about the 1:00 mark:


Who needs bodyguards with media like CBS2’s Jay Levine and the local ABC guy?

From Kelly’s release:
“After challenging Emanuel on-camera about questions on his residency and the failed $800 billion stimulus he spearheaded as White House Chief of Staff, CBS2’s reporter Jay Levine told Kelly he was going “to deck him”[…] ABC7 political reporter Charles Thomas told Kelly to “go away.” “This is the problem. Journalists have lost their objectivity,” said Kelly. “How can we rely on them to report the facts? People have lost faith in the media and with the actions of reporters like these, it’s not hard to see why.”

The video of Kelly’s encounter and the Chicago media’s response will be released today.[…]

Critics like Kelly have charged that as White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel directed stimulus funds to payback political cronies and structuring programs for Wall Street’s benefit. “Rahm was responsible for the failed stimulus that has exploded the deficit,” remarks Kelly. “In his own words, he ‘never let a good crisis go to waste.’ Unfortunately, for America, that took the form of enriching his Wall Street friends who made him a millionaire in the 1990s. “If that’s success, he can keep it. Chicago deserves better than Rahm Emanuel.”[…]

Kelly says that during Emanuel’s White House tenure, Wall Street won and Main Street lost. “Wall Street got its guarantees and low interest rates. Rahm’s friends at Goldman Sachs made $12 billion a year after the bailout,” said Kelly. “He orchestrated President Obama’s failed $800 billion stimulus that has saddled taxpayers with debt and all they received in return is 9.5% unemployment. That’s nothing for Rahm to be proud of. That’s called failure.”

This goes beyond objectivity; this is case of media aggressively protecting their investment.

The media did that throughout the 2008 campaign, as did Obama’s staff. His supporters, including union punks and government goons, continue to intimidate and harass opponents:

Not that the media has ever been “objective”, but in the last 40 years, it took a sharp left turn and never looked back.

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