Children Killed in the Name of ‘Allah’

More from the ‘peaceful religion of Islam’:

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Dozens of schoolchildren and five teachers were among those killed in a suicide attack in northern Afghanistan earlier this week — the country’s deadliest since the fall of the Taliban — the government said Friday.

The 59 schoolchildren had lined up to greet a group of lawmakers visiting a sugar factory in the northern province of Baghlan on Tuesday when a suicide bomber detonated explosives.

……Afghan President Hamid Karzai declared three days of mourning Wednesday and ordered an investigation. No group has claimed responsibility, and the Taliban denied any involvement.

Also Friday, NATO and Afghan troops battled Taliban fighters near Gulistan district in western Farah province. The soldiers seized the district center, killing up to 20 suspected militants who overran it last week, said Gen. Abdul Rahman Sarjang, the provincial police chief.

On Thursday, U.S.-led coalition and Afghan troops surrounded a compound where militants had gathered near Tirin Kot, in Uruzgan province, sparking a clash which left seven suspected Taliban fighters dead, said Juma Gul Hamat, the provincial police chief. Four militants were detained, he said.

There were no casualties among coalition and Afghan forces, Hamat said.

The deliberate targeting of children by Islamic terrorists is yet another atrocity largely ignored by the media and elicits no outrage from ‘anti war’ activists. Funny how they seem to clam up unless something more condusive to their agenda pops up on their radar.

It’s incomprehensible how anyone could be against a war for the survival of Western Civilization and so ignorant to the consequences of supporting the Islamic thugs who started it.

Reminds me of the total apathy of the Left toward the massacre of at least 100,000,000 people whose lives were taken by the great 70-year Communist ideological utopia.

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