China Wants Rigged Iran Election Recognized

From the same human excrement that brought you Tiananmen Square.

China’s communist government, showing concern that mounting protests in Iran could spark another “color” revolution in a close economic ally, has called for the disputed election results to be recognized and cautioned the United States and other Western powers not to meddle in Iran’s affairs.

The messages, relayed through China’s vast and tightly controlled state media, have glossed over reports of mass demonstrations and the deaths of protesters at the hands of Iranian security forces.

Such news and images, coming only weeks after the 20th anniversary of China’s violent crackdown on students in Tiananmen Square, could reopen delicate questions about political developments here and undermine Chinese relations with a key oil supplier and customer for Chinese goods.

News reports from the Xinhua News Agency, China Central Television and other state outlets have instead focused on accusations from Irans conservative leaders that the Western media are “stirring up unrest” in the wake of the June 12 presidential election. The reports also have echoed Iranian government assertions that the protesters are sore losers.

Yeah, and this guy was a “sore loser” as well:

China should be busy pulling the reins on Kim Jong Il instead of giving Iranian protesters a lecture.

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