Chinese Tycoon Missing After Criticizing ChiCom Government

I’m betting he’s fish food in the Yangtze river.

Via Fox News

An outspoken tycoon who blasted Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Communist Party for their abysmal handling of the coronavirus has gone missing, his friends say.

Ren Zhiqiang, a retired real estate executive, has never been shy about sharing his feelings toward people in power. In fact, last month he called Xi, one of China’s most powerful leaders in modern history, a “clown” and slammed the government’s efforts to contain COVID-19.

An essay Ren shared with friends in recent weeks took aim at a speech Xi made on Feb. 23. Ren told friends that he “saw not an emperor standing there exhibiting his ‘new clothes,’ but a clown stripped naked who insisted he continue being emperor,” according to the China Digital Times, a U.S.-based website.

Ren also cited a “crisis of governance” within the Communist Party and suggested Beijing’s lack of a free press and free speech has helped suppress vital information about the virus which has morphed into a global pandemic and claimed the lives of 6,470 people worldwide. In China, there have been 3,192 reported deaths.

Ren’s close confidant, Wang Ying, told Reuters no one has been able to contact Ren since March 12.

“Ren Zhiqiang is a public figure and his disappearance is widely known,” she said. “The institutions responsible for this need to give a reasonable and legal explanation for this as soon as possible.”

Ren, 69, has gone on record saying China’s state-run news media should serve the people of China and not the Communist Party, something Xi strongly disagrees with. Ren’s comments highlight the growing discontent and frustration over Xi’s authoritarian rule.

In 2016, Chinese Communist Party officials put Ren, who is a party member, on a one-year probation after he criticized Xi’s policies. At the time, the Communist Party said Ren had “lost his party spirit.”

Foreign affairs expert Gordon Chang believes Ren’s disappearance could signal in-fighting at the highest levels of the Community Party.

“When people speak out to criticize Xi Jinping, it means that there is a lack of fear because they know what can happen to them but either they don’t care or they feel so strongly they’ll do it anyway,” Chang told Fox News. “When that occurs, that shows that the regime is starting to crack.”

……Jacob Wang, a journalist for one of those state-run media newspapers, recently broke ranks and posted on social media the half-truths the Chinese government has been spinning not only to its own people but to the rest of the world. He wrote one damning post last month about sick patients struggling to get medical care amid a sea of red tape.

“People were left to die, and I am very angry about that,” Wang said in an interview with The New York Times. “I’m a journalist, but I’m also an ordinary human being.”

The sanitation problems in China are out of control. It’s a cesspool of filth. They have no equivalent to the USDA, CDC, or FDA. Their medical care is a substandard system of centralized authoritarian government controlled mush.

The Chinese doctor who tried to warn the authorities about the virus, was interrogated and forced to sign a false confession. 

It’s still a communist totalitarian regime. Dissent is not tolerated.

3 thoughts on “Chinese Tycoon Missing After Criticizing ChiCom Government”

  1. johndegbert

    And then they destroyed the plant where they engineered the bio-weapon that they’re now beta testing, along with everyone who worked there.

  2. Let me correct myself. Bernie praised the Chinese system for lifting people out of poverty. Problem is that it was the sparing application of capitalism that lifted the people from poverty. Additionally, since there is no CDC or FDA or other protective agencies in the Chinese government (in fact, there is no seams between the communist apprentice and the hospitals), there is often no care for the disenfranchised — like Christians, Moslems, and other minorities.

  3. Wait a second, didn’t Bern praise the Chinese healthcare system during Sunday’s debate without getting called out for such idiocy by the main stream media? Gosh, if they were bad, wouldn’t our socialist media tell us so? (Don’t answer with the truth, as Big Brother is watching.)

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