Chris Matthews Gets Owned by Larry Elder

Chris Matthews, a prominent frothing leftwing moonbat at MSNBC, thought it would be a good idea to call up conservative talk radio pundit Larry Elder and discuss politics on his show.

Bad move. Larry ate Matthews’ ass for lunch.

From Daily Caller:

ELDER: Chris, first do you still feel as a journalist, it is your job to help Obama succeed?

MATTHEWS: Well, I certainly feel it is my job to help any new president succeed and I said that. And I think it was true when I wrote it for Bush in 2000 with hopes that he would do well until he made some decisions I couldn’t live with and when that comes with Obama, I will break with him. So far he has done what I think he should, but he hasn’t been the leader I think he should be but he’s made the decisions I think I would make.

ELDER: Do you consider yourself a journalist?

MATTHEWS: Yeah, I’m a journalist. I’m a columnist. I’m a commentator

ELDER: No, no a journalist – you think you’re an objective down-the-middle journalist?

MATTHEWS: No, I’m not down the middle. I’m slightly to the left.

ELDER: Slightly to the left?

MATTHEWS: I’d say 40-yard-line.

In response, Elder played a clip of Matthews’ show from October in which he attacked the GOP suggesting Republicans wanted to cause people pain. The interview went downhill from there.

40 yard line???  More like first and fucking goal. I raise a huge bullshit flag on Matthews’ claim that he wanted Bush to succeed.   Kudos to Elder for reaming Matthews. It was a pleasure to hear.

3 thoughts on “Chris Matthews Gets Owned by Larry Elder”

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  2. Congratulations for wanting to destroy our country. You right-wingers will lie, cheat, and steal in order to get a fascist dictator into power.

    1. Dave,
      You mean like ACORN lied, cheated, and stole to help get Obamessiah elected? He’s been ripping apart the fabric of this country ever since.

      The media hacks propped up this immature, inexperienced, socialist “community organizer” as if he were the Second Coming of Christ. They can pat themselves on the back for helping to foist this useless waste of skin into office.

      Anyone who studied Obama’s personality, Marxist philosophy, and background would have understood that he is totally unfit to lead a Democratic Republic.

      His Keynesian economic train wreck has resulted in $15+ trillion debt, 16.2% unemployment, and loss of our AAA rating.

      Since he got elected, he’s engaged in graft ( to support his taxpayer-funded eco-scams. (
      He and his Dem pals rammed the unconstitutional ObamaCare through the legislature; shutting the American people out of the process. His “Fast and Furious” gunrunning operation to Mexican thugs ( was responsible for the deaths of U.S. border agents. The more that comes out about this corrupt little Marxist, ( the uglier it gets.

      Tea Party patriots kicked Dem ass in th mid-term elections, and your Obamessiah will be a one-term fuckup. We already have a fascist dictator. We’re going to get rid of him.

      SFC MAC

      P.S. You’re a “self-esteem coach”??? ( Hi-larious! You New Age hippies crack me up.

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