Chris Matthews Objects to ‘Objective Journalism’

Gotta hand it to Chrissy. At least he’s honest about his unabashed bias.

Via NewsBusters.

Chris Matthews on Wednesday made it clear that like Al Gore, he believes the media should only be telling one side of the story when it comes to manmade global warming.

Such came out in the middle of a discussion about Gore’s new article in Rolling Stone magazine when the “Hardball” host told his guests, “I hate that so-called evenhanded so-called objective journalism”

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: Where’s the problem with climate change? Isn’t it that half the country’s being sold nonsense?

ERIC BATES, EXECUTIVE EDITOR ROLLING STONE: That’s right, and that’s exactly what this essay says. It’s interesting, the essay is really about the press and the media and how they’ve fallen down on the job in terms of being the referee in the fight between science and reason. Gore really points out that the media hasn’t done its job, and has kind of taken a “He said, she said” approach to climate change when in fact there are, there’s truth and there’s falsity in this, and the two are being conflated.

MATTHEWS: I’m with you on that, Eric. I hate that so-called evenhanded so-called objective journalism. You know, you know, you can’t say something isn’t true if it’s true in the interest of evenhandedness.

He doesn’t listen to himself.  If you say something truthful in the name of evenhandedness, it goes against Matthews’ objection to objective journalism.  Which is why he lies and makes up bullshit most of the time. 

Well, no one could ever accuse Mr. Tingles of objectivity. On his venal planet, American patriots are comparable to the Muslim Brotherhood, and would have probably killed the trapped Chilean miners. He’s ‘color blind’ except when it comes to white people.
He also showed his appreciation for the military by describing West Point as the ‘enemy camp’‘ with ‘rabble’.

Matthews is a raving lunatic with a propensity to do some pretty questionable things both on and off the air.

Stay classy, Chrissy.

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