Circus: Hunter Biden Crashes House Oversight Committee Contempt Hearing, Flees When Hard Questions Start

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After defying a Congressional subpoena in December, Hunter Biden made a surprise appearance at Wednesday’s markup meeting in which lawmakers on the House Oversight Committee are working on a resolution to hold the president’s son in contempt of Congress.

House Oversight member Nancy Mace addressed Biden directly, saying in the meeting, “you did so deliberately, you did so flagrantly, you showed up on the Hill on the Senate side the day of that Congressional subpoena to defy it and spit in the face of this committee. That’s what you did.”

“The question the American people are asking us is what is Hunter Biden so afraid of? Why can’t you show up for a congressional deposition? You’re here for a political stunt, this is just a PR stunt to you. This is just a game that you are playing with the American people you’re playing with the truth.”

Mace said that “I believe Hunter Biden should be held completely in contempt. I think he should be hauled off to jail right now, because it wasn’t long ago too, my friends on the other side of the aisle, that you also believed in the power of a Congressional subpoena.”

“Play stupid games, win stupid prizes,” she said.

When Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene began speaking Hunter Biden stormed out, with Greene telling him as he left, “Apparently you’re afraid of my words.”

Donald  Trump Jr. showed up for five congressional subpoenas when he was first son, and sat for hours of testimony over the Russia collusion hoax. He never ran from questions.

If this were Donald Trump’s son, the Dems would send a squad of Federal Marshalls to retrieve him and drag him back. That’s what should happen to Hunter Biden.

He’s a member of the Biden Crime Syndicate, and as such, he believes he can get way with anything.



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