Cities Start Evicting ‘Occupy’ Vermin

Looks like the Portland Mayor grew some balls.

Police in Oregon dismantled two “Occupy Portland” protest campsites Sunday, just hours after protesters declared victory following a standoff with officers.

Protesters did little to resist as police took down tents in Chapman and Lownsdale Squares, according to The Oregonian.

Portland Commissioner Nick Fish said the two parks would likely be fenced off later Sunday and closed to the public for about a week.

About 3,000 people gathered in the streets around the parks as the 12:01am Sunday deadline to leave the parks — demanded by Portland Mayor Sam Adams — approached.

While the majority chanted about their peaceful intentions, a minority armed themselves with sticks and rods in preparation for a possible police advancement, The Oregonian reported.

One officer was injured by a projectile thrown from the crowd and one protester was arrested as police donned riot gear and threatened to use pepper spray to control the area at around 1:45am local time.

As the standoff continued over several hours, the crowd reportedly began to sing and dance in the street. By 6:45am, protesters left the streets and returned to Chapman and Lownsdale Squares.

Police began dismantling the two campsites at around 8:30am, according to KPTV.


Denver finally took action.

Denver police in riot gear forced stubborn protestors out of Civic Center park early this evening, tearing down illegally pitched tents.

A cloud of smoke rose — not from tear gas, but from wood smoke as the protesters’ cooking fire was extinquished.

A total of 17 people were arrested, according to Sonny Jackson, spokesman for the Denver Police Department. Five of those arrests were made on the 16th Street Mall, where some protesters headed after the encampment was cleared.

The confrontation came about five hours after Occupy Denver demonstrators marched through downtown for the sixth straight Saturday.

Begining Thursday night, officers have been speaking with protesters at Civic Center, many of whom have been camping overnight, warning them about ordinances against blocking sidewalks with personal property.

Salt Lake City:
Police arrested 19 people while clearing the Occupy Salt Lake tent city from Pioneer Park Saturday night, but the eviction was conducted largely without incident.

Participants were asked by police at sundown to take down their tents, pack their belongings and relocate. Most complied.

Atlanta evicted them on 28 October.

Late at night, at around 11 p.m. on Tuesday, Atlanta police made preparations to raid the park. With sirens blaring and scores of flashing lights throwing their intense glare upon a relatively dark park, the protesters were surrounded by huge contingents of police in riot gear, on horseback, on motorcycles, and on foot. A heavily armed police SWAT team also stood by.

At around midnight, the deputy police chief gave an ultimatum to the protesters to leave the park or face arrest. Several protesters left with their belongings while tens of others decided to defy the order and court arrest.

These protesters then sat in a circle linking their arms and chanting slogans and singing songs. The protesters on the sidewalk meanwhile shouted slogans in support of the ones in the park as the police with flashlights warned those in the park and tents to leave or be subject to arrest. Many were dragged out to waiting police buses handcuffed with plastic ties.

Cleveland got sick of them real quick:

After their permits ran out, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson ordered the arrests of Occupy Cleveland protesters who remained at Public Square, according to multiple reports.

11 in all were arrested; all were released on personal bond this weekend after pleading not guilty to charges — trespassing, resisting arrest, and violating curfew at Public Square.

……As for where Occupy Cleveland is now, the protesters are still holding regular appearances at Public Square during the late afternoon. 19 Action News, meanwhile, wants to know exactly where they are besides that. Via the Occupy Cleveland website:

“Some have said that they can’t find the group. We are now holding most meetings and assemblies in the Northwest Quadrant of Public Square by the statue of Tom Johnson. The square and statue represent freedom. During the week, the GA (General Assembly) schedule is being followed with GAs/educational forums/teach-ins at noon, marches starting from 3 PM and the 6 PM GA as usual in this quadrant of Public Square.”

After all of the filthy occupants are carted away, there will have to be a mass disinfecting of wherever they squatted.

Meanwhile Oakland and New York City are still playing patty-cake with the ‘Occupy’ punks in their towns, even though the “protests” lost their novelty a while ago.  

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