Club GITMO: Obscene Amenities for Muzzie Terrorists

Muzzie terrorist thugs already get lavish meals for their holidays, they are allowed to order fast-food takeout from the base, have access to a phone booth for weekly calls, and were given laptops complete with web training.

Now, Obama is splurging with our tax dollars to enroll the hadji ass lifters in classes to learn landscaping and pruning, and calligraphy.

Thanks to a multimillion-dollar federal contract, Guantanamo Bay prisoners can enroll in seminars to learn all about basic landscaping and pruning, calligraphy and Microsoft PowerPoint while the U.S. figures out what to do with them.
Prisoners also can get in touch with their artistic sides.
“At a minimum, the art seminar shall include water color painting, charcoal sketching, Arabic calligraphy, acrylic painting and pastel painting,” contract records reviewed by The Washington Times state.
The documents surfaced last week in a U.S. Court of Federal Claims lawsuit stemming from a dispute over a more than $5 million contract to provide library and seminar services to detainees at U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
The papers offer a glimpse at just how military detainees can pass the time while officials decide their fates.
……A “life skills” seminar teaches prisoners, among other things, about computers and typing, including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint at basic, intermediate and advanced levels.
A nutrition class instructs prisoners about the “principles of nutrition and scientific foundations of exercise and fitness,” records show.

Life skills?!? They’re enemy combatants. Why are we pampering the cutthroat mutherfuckers when we know damned well those animals would kill all of us if given the chance?  GITMO is a joke.  It should be a brief stop on the way to lengthy hard time prison sentences or execution, whichever is appropriate, not a fucking spa where they can bask in luxury.  The federal government blows through $900,000 of American taxpayer’s money per inmate, per year.

We shouldn’t be taking any prisoners, if you get my drift. By the way,  the ones who get released and returned to their Islamic cesspools, usually pick up where they left off.

Someone needs to ask the CNIC of GITMO why he thinks it’s a nifty idea to run what should be a prisoner of war camp like Club Med.

The only bright spot at the facility is Camp 7; a maximum security area where the high value prisoners are held. It’s likely they don’t get classes in haute cuisine and horticulture.

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