CNN: Black and Brown Americans Embrace Ideas of “White Supremacy”

In other words, when black and brown Americans see through the race-baiting and divisive bullshit, they’re part of “white supremacy”.

Liberals continue their epic slide into bat-shit insanity.


CNN published an op-ed Saturday arguing that even as America becomes more diverse, white supremacy will “adapt” as some black and brown Americans embrace ideas of “whiteness”: “It will still be White supremacy, with a tan.”

The op-ed comes as some establishment media outlets have attempted to portray conservative talk radio host Larry Elder, who leads contenders against Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) in the California recall, as the “black face of white supremacy.”

The op-ed, by CNN producer John Blake, argues that while he feels a “yearning embedded in my DNA that a demographic tide will overtake White supremacy,” the danger is that “White supremacy adapts … it expands to accommodate new members, if they have the right look.” The idea of a racial hierarchy, which Blake traces to slavery, still persists, and he cites tendencies among Latin American communities to prefer “white” appearance even in the presence of racial diversity.

He writes: “What’s happened in some Latin American countries can easily happen in the United States. There will be cosmetic changes in our racial makeup — more Black, brown and multiracial people. But the dominant group will remain White people, however they may be defined by 2045. He says that the perception that the U.S. has overcome racism will make it harder to fight racism: “You can no longer fight racism if everyone believes their country has moved past race.”
Blake arrives at a familiar solution — one shared by Critical Race Theory pioneer Derrick Bell: namely, that redistribution of resources is the answer: “It would involve a more equitable sharing of power and resources — not out of White guilt or compulsion but out of the knowledge that ‘We all do better when we all do better.’”

Blake also suggests discarding the idea of race itself, but does not explain how that would help maintain a consciousness that racism still needs to be dismantled.

God forbid that we’ve moved past race. They’re too busy exploiting race to discard it. Make sure to check the race/ethnicity box on the application. They have no other reliable tactic to use as an argument. “Racism” has to be invented even where none exists.  The bigotry of low expectations is part of the program.

CNN is an echo chamber of racism and hate-filled hot takes against black people who don’t follow the rules of the Dem Plantation.

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