CNN Forced to Retract Fake News Story Linking Trump Ally Scaramucci to Russian Fund

In their continuing efforts to smear, CNN stepped on their dicks, again.
This memo comes following  a Breitbart investigation that revealed major flaws in a fake news CNN article alleging that the U.S. Senate was investigating a top Trump aide for ties to Russia.

……CNN’s piece was based entirely on information gained from one “anonymous source.” The article suggested shadowy connections between President Trump’s inner circle and a Russian investment fund:

“The source said the Senate intelligence committee is investigating the Russian fund in connection with its examination of discussions between White House adviser Jared Kushner and the head of a prominent Russian bank. The bank, Vnesheconombank, or VEB, oversees the fund, which has ties to several Trump advisers. Both the bank and the fund have been covered since 2014 by sanctions restricting U.S. business dealings.”

During an investigation into the story, a source close to Senate GOP leadership confirmed to Breitbart News that the allegations made in the CNN article were entirely false and politically motivated by Democrats. Breitbart’s GOP source stated:

“This is nothing besides Democrats trying to frustrate the efforts of President Trump’s administration while Elizabeth Warren and those of her ilk spend their days collecting taxpayer funded paychecks while they do nothing but stand in the way of the progress of the American agenda and are responsible for this nonsense. They should put their names on it if they want to waste taxpayer money on it.”

The full investigation by Breitbart News can be found here.



What is means is any future fake stories about “Russian collusion” will be cleared by The Suits first.

Of all the things Russia is guilty of, election rigging is not one of them. Russia’s aggression and hostility— re-arming and building up weapons stockpiles to levels not seen since the Berlin Wall fell, establishing a foothold in the Middle East, and constructing a massive military base  300 miles from the U.S. mainland—is the kind of shit we should worry about, not politically motivated fabrications. CNN is a fake news factory. They’re a cesspool of tabloid smears and they don’t have the decency to be embarrassed.



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