Colorado Dem Party “Our Revolution” Chair Exposed, Calls for Violence and Death Against Political Opponents

Project Veritas released a video exposing the violent radical ‘Our Revolution’ Chair and Member of Colorado’s Dem Party Executive and Central Committees, Kris Jacks.  Due to Jacks’ violent threats, he was reported to the authorities.

Jacks is a real piece of commie shit.



James O’Keefe: “Why do you think it’s ok to lie, steal, and cheat?”

Kris Jacks: “I’m a member of the Democratic party.”

He’s a model Dem.



The only reason he’s being scrutinized is that he got caught.  Just think, there’s 13 more of these fucksticks in the Weld County Dem Party.

Since the video was released,  Jacks has been suspended from his job at CenturyLink.


The Weld County Democratic Party kicked him to the curb:

He also deleted his social media accounts.

The Dem party took a sharp left turn years ago.  Jacks is part of the rank and file.




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